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  1. Voted for my lad @Pyfish because I haven't been around for a while and he's the only name I know like
  2. Reading will be difficult opponents tonight and we're going to surely miss Stewart's goals whilst he's out injured.
  3. Thank fuck that it is a decent looking kit. Happy with that one for sure. Not so sure our away will be decent as it never really is. Time will tell.
  4. Sunderland announcing their new kit today and hoping it's an improvement on the last few now that Nike are our provider. Adidas shit right on us with some awful ones in recent seasons.
  5. I'll send it on Whatsapp now.
  6. It'd be a shame to just get rid of it so not including the 'top six' would be a good solution. It's still an important trophy and for some clubs the rare chance to get to Wembley like it was for us lot in the Capital One Cup a few season back.
  7. Just sent mine over. I imagine mine and @Pyfish's will be pretty similar.
  8. From a Sunderland POV... 1. Capital One Cup final v Citeh (even though we lost) Errr. that's it.
  9. Ah no doubt we would struggle and we'd probably just get relegated again anyway. As hard as it is to say and admit, I'd rather we stay in League One and build up a team as you said and then hopefully it would put us in a good enough standing to be comfortable enough in the Championship. We won't be a Premier League team again for a long long while. What worries me is the financial aspect but hopefully that will all sort out one way or another without us being too much in the shitter.
  10. I've had enough heartbreak as a Mackem... don't do this to me too
  11. Haway! Not doing too bad for not being on here for a while.
  12. Sunderland have been robbed but we just have to take it on the chin and deal with it unfortunately like we are used to doing over the past few years. What's another season in League One anyway
  13. Haway The Bloody Lads. Keep it up Sunderland. Lynden Gooch has impressed me the last few matches.
  14. That wasn't the big result we wanted but a win all the same. Don't want to jinx but we might be turning our season around finally!
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