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  1. HawayTheLads


    Bloody lost again. This game is meant to be a distraction away from the crap that Sunderland produce week in week out. Ugh. Stupid game.
  2. HawayTheLads


    Only in the FA Cup... luckily. Sunderland are draw specialists so we'd be continuously replaying games.
  3. But you know with being a Grimsby fan and following Sunderland whilst you were up here, it's all well and good hiring a manager who is going to do good in the long run but fans want results not patience.
  4. Not sure. Stewart Donald doesn't seem to be too keen on giving him funds and wants him to do a job with what he's got even if the squad is the worst I've ever seen. We've had wins over Burnley and Sheffield United in the cup but when it comes to the league, we are just looking like we are destined for another mid-table finish.
  5. HawayTheLads

    The Apprentice

    Actually watched this last night as a friend of mine and @Pyfish's was on it as one of the artists. Shame she was only on it for like 2 minutes in total!
  6. HawayTheLads


    Am I not leading yet?
  7. Parkinson out. Absolutely dog shit from us recently. Been reading Max Power's post match interview and at least he is showing some accountability.
  8. HawayTheLads

    FA Cup First Round Matches - 8-11th November, 2019

    Yet again my team are letting me down. Didn't need to be in this tinpot cup anyway...
  9. HawayTheLads


    I'd rather eat my Dad's sweaty socks than follow the results of Darlington.
  10. HawayTheLads


    Best win ratio
  11. HawayTheLads


    I was bound to lose eventually. Hopefully me and londongirlie will go on a run with Walsall instead now.
  12. HawayTheLads


    3 wins out of 3. Me and Londongirlie are gonna go far!
  13. This club does my fucking head in.
  14. HawayTheLads


    Great... I go up against one of the two 'Hunters who have only lost one game...
  15. Oxford are a tricky team and we are quite rocky with our form and in terms of which 'Sunderland' is going to be on the pitch.