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Luan Pheppilpe

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  1. Luan Pheppilpe

    A Game Recommendation Needed

    Hey @Mel81x. Thank you for replying my post. Well, I'm looking forward to any platform xD, exception to Switch. So, go ahead with your recommendation, surely I will appreciate it. Oh, btw if you want to play Football Team with me, here's the link: https://en.footballteamgame.com/join Feel free to contact me!
  2. Luan Pheppilpe

    A Game Recommendation Needed

    Look, I don't know about you, but I'm pissed off of playing repeated things in this quarantine. As I love playing soccer games, I have already played FIFA, PES, Brasfoot, Manager, etc. etc. The point is: I'M TIRED OF ALL OF THEM !! Ok. Until now, the Football Team game has been a good option, but they are still in the pre-launch version, so I can only get coins and other achievements. But I like this kinda games, although I also like RPG, action, 3rd person, etc. ↓ Anyway, leave some game recommendation that you think would fit for me !! ↓ Thanks a ton!!!
  3. Luan Pheppilpe

    Just a hi

    Hey everyone! My name's Luan and I'm from Brazil. It's my first time in a forum communty and I'm so glad in having this opportunity. I'm here to share new things and learn from you guys! I love to follow soccer and discuss about it. I also love gaming, especially action and MMO. Many people call me nerd or a geek guy. Maybe I'm a little bit of both, but what I proudly consider myself is to be a nice master chef.