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  1. England should never host an international football tournament again. Even Russians and Brazilians were not this bad.
  2. Tbh I dont see Saka making to WC 2022. He is playing with a very average club atm and in the past we have seen young stars becoming absolute nutters in the next few years. England could have done much better if they had Ward-Prowse
  3. If Chiesa did not get injured, Italy would have won in the normal time.
  4. This reminds me of Stokes in Cricket World Cup. Bowled absolutely trash in the final, lost the game for England singlehandedly, was criticized down to the core, mocked and all that BS. Few years later, comes back stronger and wins the WC for England singlehandedly.
  5. Anyways what an amazing tournament it was. Hope we had more of it but eventually people are gonna get bored of it and would dilute the prestige of the competition so its good we have a gap between international tournaments.
  6. The fuck is this? Saka was average in the game. False praise destroys people. He does not deserve racial abuse but call out his performance, I don't blame him. He's not good enough for pressure games atm and England hurried him up in the setup.
  7. Frank LeBeouf said that Sterling should not have started the final given his tendency to bottle and choke in important games and I do not disagree with him. Grealish should have started along with Sancho.
  8. The so-called leader in the squad who was there for his 'experience' chickened out before the penalties.
  9. Say whatever you wanna say about Ronaldo not being as good as Messi but he's a great leader, He always tried his best when Portugal played in international tournament and even when they failed, he was the one who took the responsibility rather than Messi who was overpowered by players like Mascherano, Tevez, Aguero in the team talks.
  10. They threw a guy in River Thames, There was a challenge like 'k*** a black person'. England fans are worse than most of the other teams and they do not deserve to host the tournament on that basis alone
  11. Saka is overrated. Had England played Sancho instead of him in the tournament, England would have won the tournament
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