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  1. Hi Guys, i'm italian and i Napoli's fan, but i love Premier League and i take a liking to Arsenal and also a bit for Chelsea. Congratulations for your team, it's very hard and there are much top players. I love Jorginho, ex Napoli, an modern midfielder, that quality!!! What do you think of Lukaku case? Are you agree with Tuchel after integrated back Lukaku in the team? I think that Lukaku is a good player, but not a top player, Haaland and Vlahovic are the future and i think that an top team as Chelsea must will buy one of their in the next year.
  2. ahahah, it was an error... Now it's ok, i'm italian and my favourite team is Napoli, but i love the Arsenal!!!
  3. The match Arsenal Wolves will postponed tomorrow... too bad!!! We were on the top
  4. Only ten days to go for the semifinal versus Liverpool. It's really important this match... Come on Arsenal, we could do to it!!!
  5. Dr. Gonzo, Which will be the future of Arsenal? How many years will spend because Arsenal fight for the first position? Which player would you buy for increase the level of team? Now missing two or three player with experience, with right mix beetwen experience, skill and youth this team could fight for the victory in premier league. Arteta is a good coach, but he need two or three player with experience for increase the quality of team, i hope that those players will be arrive in the next market, but is very difficult find the perfect player. The good player have an high cost and i don't know if the Arsenal can allow it.
  6. I think that Steven Gerrard is one and will be one forever. He was a captain, a fantastic player, a landmark, other level... Smith Rowe is a fantastic player, but is young and in the future i don't know if he will demonstrate and will confirmed all quality and her personality. I'm agree with you, now the best captain for the Arsenal is Lacazette... I hope that tomorrow it will play the match versus Norwich, it's very important win this match... GO GUNNERS!!!
  7. He is a fantastic player... An perfect 10!!! The future of team is him
  8. He went to Barcelona for the tattoo or for a visit to CampNou? In the next year Aube will be a new player of Barcelona? Do you betting on?
  9. Hi Guys, Do you prefer as new captain LaCazette or Xhaka? I love Xhaka, but i think that Arteta prefer LaCazette... One thing is safe: between a few years the new captain will be Smith-Rowe. He is a fantastic player and is a future football star. What do you think?
  10. Hi Guys, i'm Naples fans, but i'm very fascinate to Arsenal... Why Aubameyang isn't more the captain of Arsenal? What is happened? Anyone know the details?
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