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  1. If she uses it as an excuse I will call her bluff and refuse. It will be her problem if she bleeds in her knickers.
  2. But the girls who are not on their periods can't same goes for medical problems.
  3. Quite possible, but she is not going to be able to use the excuse forever.
  4. Why is it? I don't let one gender go and not the other.
  5. I made the other girl wait though.
  6. Why is it? I make girls wait too. It is only because she told me it was her period. I'm not going to let her sit and bleed.
  7. I made a girl and a boy wait this afternoon and they were fine despite the boy saying he was going to wet himself. I did let a girl go though as she told me it was her period, I'm not that cruel.
  8. I asked simply because a mum was unhappy because I made her daughter hold it for the afternoon.
  9. School day starts at 9:00 they get a 20 min break 10:30 and then an hour's lunch at 12:10. The day ends at 3:15.
  10. I do remind them to go at break and lunch. Yes I have held a piss, teachers cannot leave children to pop to the toilet.
  11. If they have a note about a medical problem they are allowed to go.
  12. If you let one go they are all suddenly desperate, I saw it in teacher training. I have been teaching 2 years and always had the same rule.
  13. I had one of the mums complain because I made her daughter wait all afternoon. She asked 5 minutes after lunch.
  14. Lessons never last more than 2 hours. Unless they have a medical problem they should be able to control their toilet habits around lesson time.
  15. They get breaks, they should use their own time. Lessons are not that long.
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