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  1. Haha truly pathetic. Manners don't cost anything but then I guess if you are unevolved manners must feel like a alien concept and out of the realms of comprehension. I feel sorry for you. This is a football forum, a place to share opinions and I have every right to share mine as you do yours. I haven't tried to stop you sharing yours but you are trying to stop me sharing mine. We are equals and you have no right. If you don't like it don't read it. You are under no obligation to read it. If i don't feel the need to rewrite my posts in eruadite English as I'm too busy supporting my team to write two seperate posts that say the same thing on Twitter and on here I will. There is no law against that. Language is a rich tapestry and time is precious. I will continue to enjoy watching my team and leave 'jobs worths' to their own devices and pretenciousness will be kept away from me. Enjoy the rest of the game i certainly will. No wonder I was hesitant in the first place at joining this forum. Thank you for proving me right. Peace and love.
  2. I'm re posting my tweets, quite clearly and like I said we are online. Im not writing an essay so no need to get upset with how I'm writing it's a shame. I thought this forum was meant to be a friendly place football fans I guess not. I guess it is as long as you agree with everyone else.
  3. I will when people spell my name right 🤣 and grow up seriously. We are online and I have a degree in English and not got the time to waste or letters.
  4. Ditto. 🤣 Im entitled to share my opinions after all it is a forum and I listened to all the negativity about United before KO on here all one sided I didn't say anyone was annoying for that. Ur entitled to ur opinions and I welcome debate. Just because it's ur team that's losing is no reason to throw the dummy out. Im just passionate about my team as we all are and I will not appologise for that.
  5. I would have paid good money for that to have gone in by Mata AGAIN! So funny commentators so shocked by our performance im not i expected this all day long. I know my team and I know football. Most important thing now is we keep this up! It only matters the score at FT
  6. Also Bailly owning every Liverpool attacker today. That's exactly why he was saved for today! ✊
  7. Matic and McTomminay owning their midfield as I thought they would. No nonsense from them. Only one team trying to win this and that's United
  8. Gotta laugh too coz our first assist was from Lukaku a brilliant flick on not bad for a first touch 🤔 assist number 8! Haters gonna hate 🤣
  9. WOOOOOOOOOOOO! RASHERS!!!!!! LOCAL LAD LOCAL LAD MARCUS RASHFORD HE'S ONE OF OUR OWN! MADE IN MANCHESTER!! As soon as he turned in I KNEW he was gona score all day long he's like the Brazilian Ronaldo the way he strikes it! Get in! We deserved that!
  10. Wooooooo RASHERS AGAIN!!!! GLORIOUS!! VINTAGE UNITED!! Aint no messing around from us!!! 2 shots 2 goals efficient, clinical shutting up haters since the dawn of time no boring football from us winning attacking football so far we must keep it up!
  11. Lukaku to get his 100th and 24th of the season to add to his other 23 and maybe assist number 8 🤔
  12. I cannot f ing wait for this! My mighty United (hopefully) kicking lpool's arses today! Derby day is always so special and they don't come much more special than this fixture. Just seen our line up I am absolutely delighted Bailly is in. I had a feeling Jose was holding him bak the last cupple of games to give him extra fitness to be ready for this game today. He's our best CB for sure and we gonna need him BIG time today vs Salah n with Bailly's pace it will help is massively. Delighted our special Juan is in he shud always play he's our most influencial outfield player he gets us playing. Shocked not to see Pogba anywhere and I haven't heard about an injury so that is interesting 🤔 glad McTomminay is bak in another local lad too and I had a feeling Rashers wud start today he had a big impact coming on in that last 30mins vs palace so earnt that n im thinking Jesse our impact man from the bench. So psyched and ready to go and so happy to see the likes of McTomminay, Rashers and Lingard all involved today as local lads! Come on United!!!
  13. Mental strength and know how saw Juve through. So happy for Gigi.
  14. Heart breaking for Spurs. The game was lost in a 5min period! The 5min Juve turned up up front was enuf to win it. Poor Son. Chiellini MOTM