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  1. I was a fan of Kylian Mbappe's ridiculous speed on the ball but his clownish time wasting ruined it. I hope that Modric and Rakitic shred these poor sports.
  2. England just needs a talented midfielder that can hold possession and create plays. Guys on the same level of Modric or De Bruyne would help make this a complete and dangerous team.
  3. I don't think Sterling should have come off, but I will say that it wasn't the breaking point. It had already changed completely at the half, but especially after conceding the tying goal. It's as if England realized they were 45 minutes away from playing in the title match and then they puckered up and choked it away. That's a simpleton take, and not giving Croatia their credit for an excellent half of football, but I'm just calling it like I see it.
  4. Agreed France's defense looked really good today. I can't tell how much of it was due to a poor Belgium attack, but it was probably the cause more often than not.
  5. I thought this game was pretty evenly matched with France capitalizing on the one set piece. Belgium just didn't have any playmakers besides Hazard but besides Mbappe's speed I didn't see a lot from France either.
  6. French time wasting makes me want to punch my screen. They are the best side left but I hope they get smacked by England/Croatia.
  7. These teams are so evenly matched on paper. It's basically a coin toss. Here are the team ratings from fivethirtyeight. team group rating offence defence France C 87.45718 2.80729 0.51136 Belgium G 87.49749 3.05305 0.63992
  8. This has been a great Euro 2018 so far.
  9. This could be the best matchup we have seen so far in this tournament. Two of the best all-around sides left. It's a shame that one of them will be sent home early. Brazil have to be the favorites from what we've seen so far, but I wouldn't sleep on Belgium after their ridiculous comeback last match. I'd give Brazil 65-35 odds over Belgium.
  10. Sweden won their group, but given how rubbish this German side turned out to be, it wasn't a very strong group. England came out second in a better group, and they have a slight offensive advantage over Sweden. I would give the edge to England in this matchup with odds around 60-40. I don't want to look past Sweden, but England actually has a relatively clear path to the finals, with Columbia having been one of their tougher matchups in the remaining hypothetical outcomes. I see Brazil or France probably being the most likely outcome on the other side.
  11. Argentina barely qualified for this world cup and they played like it. They should count their blessings that they still have a way through this group.
  12. England has played much better football so far.
  13. Maybe the Diego Maradona jinx is real? Unbelievably they can still qualify out of this group.
  14. Ronaldo is on another planet. That guy is unbelievable.