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  1. Kruse's game is much more than simply scoring goals (what an old fashioned thing for forwards to do). He runs all day (but not quick enough to achieve anything), he loves to take free kicks, corners and even throw ins. He's great at arguing with the referee and can even pass the ball to one of his own players. On the basis of his invaluable contribution to Bremen's success this season should he be offered a new contract (goalscoring excluded obviously)?
  2. It is in the part of the UK where i live. Maybe your carers have told you a lie in order to protect you? I wish you well with your recovery.
  3. I'm hoping your reply is a joke, why would a legend such as the great Pizarro need instructions to take a free kick, especially from Kruse? Thank you for the joke
  4. I refer you to the title of the post. Please stick to the question rather than attacking me for challenging the "great" Max Kruse. At what point should Kruse be dropped from the starring 11?.
  5. What about from a footballing point of view? Play a professional team (from a top UK league) or play against a third division German or Austrian team? Save a very small amount of money yet prevent your team from playing a meaningful game.
  6. Let them play a friendly in my part of the UK against Newcastle, Sunderland or Middlesbrough.
  7. Kruse has been terrible this season. Admittedly he has been ok in the past 2 seasons but we need to live in the present. What does it say to young players when he starts every game and usually finishes every game despite contributing almost nothing.
  8. I really, really hope they are. To watch him do nothing in the early stages of a match and then take free kicks, corners and throw ins in the hope that his lack of contribution may be overlooked e.g. not scoring or assisting goals.
  9. I've watched Bremen play at Leicester and West Ham. Shouldn't Bremen play more friendlies against estsblished UK teams than play against second rate teams at the training camp in Austria?
  10. I can understand the logic (from the owners point of view). An old player who is not going to achieve better things elsewhere, e.g. Harnik/Kruse. A cheap option but doesnt this restrict the development of younger players at the club.
  11. Im a traditionalist at heart, believing that a forward is not doing his job if he isn't scoring goals. The modern "false" forward (Max Kruse being the best example) is an enigma to me. Surely the "false" forward is the number 10 or sn attacking midfielder. A forward not scoring a goal should not be on the pitch
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