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  1. Hello my friends, thank you for your posts. All I want from my team is that that they start players on the basis of merit (as in all other walks of life). Imagine if you were a police officer who didnt make arrests or a doctor who didnt help patients, what do you you think would happen? Would you be allowed to stay in your post or would you be subject to a review? Why should footballers be different. Can anyone please tell me what role a forward plays if not to score goals?
  2. I'm hoping your reply is a joke, why would a legend such as the great Pizarro need instructions to take a free kick, especially from Kruse? Thank you for the joke😁
  3. I refer you to the title of the post. Please stick to the question rather than attacking me for challenging the "great" Max Kruse. At what point should Kruse be dropped from the starring 11?.
  4. Cannabis, thank you for proving my point
  5. I havent tried it but I'm up for trying new things as Kruse should be like scoring goals
  6. As for someone calling themselves after an illegal drug, maybe you should grow up or read the evidence as to how dangerous it is.
  7. Thank you spike. Can you please post in English or ask for help
  8. Thank you Tommy, I'd rather be boring than inaccurate. The rubbish I've watched so far has suported everything I've said.
  9. Kruse will contribute absolutely nothing to the game. As the game gets further into the 2nd half he will take every throw in, free kick and corner (and maybe even provide treatment to injured players). In fact he will do anything and everything but do what a forward is employed to do which is to SCORE GOALS. I look forward to hearing from the Kruse appreciation society (please obtain your carers permission before posting online)
  10. What about from a footballing point of view? Play a professional team (from a top UK league) or play against a third division German or Austrian team? Save a very small amount of money yet prevent your team from playing a meaningful game.
  11. Let them play a friendly in my part of the UK against Newcastle, Sunderland or Middlesbrough.
  12. Kruse has been terrible this season. Admittedly he has been ok in the past 2 seasons but we need to live in the present. What does it say to young players when he starts every game and usually finishes every game despite contributing almost nothing.
  13. I really, really hope they are. To watch him do nothing in the early stages of a match and then take free kicks, corners and throw ins in the hope that his lack of contribution may be overlooked e.g. not scoring or assisting goals.