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  1. Although Tottenham have a wretched run as of late, this article makes a very good point - http://spursforlife.com/return-home-could-prove-to-be-a-timely-boost/ A move before the end of the season will give them a huge advantage - that is if they do actually win their games, who knows the late season move could cause disruption and end up being a poisoned chalice? Will be typical Spurs if that was the case.
  2. I must admit I'm surprised that Chelsea's appeal was flat out refused - it's usually a case where the appeal kicks in, you spend £300m to cover yourself and then have a quiet winter Certainly makes for a sticky situation now, I guess they will have to call back some of their 147 loan players that are currently on loan elsewhere
  3. I think it will be as low as 36 this season and will be between Cardiff, Burnley and Southampton. Still a bit close to call to say who and I don't want to upset Bluebird Hewitt
  4. I think OGS has done an incredible job as United manager and with Zidane being appointed Real Madrid it only strengthens his hand even further. There is always that risk of him becoming the next Roberto Di Matteo and staying too long, but if that is the case and he delivers a Champions League then it won't be the worst display out outstaying your welcome.