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The Strangest Signings In Peruvian Football

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I recommend you read this even though most of you likely have not heard of any of these, but its a funny story within each of these.

Jordan Petrov

He was a Bulgarian that signed for Alianza Lima in 1992 and came over to the team as a star. Truth is, this is only because he was a European and Bulgarians in particular, were a fad around that period of time. He joined as a key player and in the end, it was found that he wasn't a professional player at all. He ended up owning a casino in Lima and a few years later, moved to the USA. Fuck knows where he is now.

Mark Cook

An english player in Peru? Not only that but an amateur player as well. Nolberto Solano was La U's manager at the time, and he had called Mark, one of his friends at Newcastle who had met Solano while he was still in school. He signed for Universitario in 2012, and he became the backup keeper. In his few appearances, he conceded 5 goals and was bloody awful. He has since played for Blyth Spartans and Newcastle Benfield.

Min Choi

The only South Korean player to ever play in the country. He had moved here in 2000 and 8 years later, he signed for Cesar Vallejo. He only made 2 appearances and came on as a sub for his debut. He was apparently so unfit he had to come off in that same game. Similarly to Petrov, since his stint he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.


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