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So I've finally got around back to FM and decided to do a journeyman save. Win as many different titles as possible as a Sunday League manager.

Decided to start in Africa. Let's see what job I get there.

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Mauritania didn't work out. I'm playing in Malaysia at the moment with Kuala Lumpur. I am playing an updated database with an Asian Cup Winners Cup as well as improved continental competitions.

I'm sitting near the bottom of the table but am in the semi-finals of the cup.

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I'm about to play the cup semi-finals vs Terengannu. Here is a bit of a summary of the season so far.


It's a bit irrelevant at this point. I'm winning what I should be winning and losing against all the top dogs. Mohd Zaqhuan and Ashri Chuchu are the league top scorers with 5 a piece. Mayhuddin is the top assister. Amazingly none of the foreigners are topping those charts.



I'm hoping I don't meet Kedah in the final. They are the best team in the league at the moment. Top of the league and have beat me on both of our encounters. I have to beat what's in front of me though. I do fancy my chances against Terenggannu.


We've amazingly only won 1 game in the cup. The rest have been draws. Penalty or away goal victories. Here is the run.


Anyways, the Terengganu game is next. Will update it after the game.

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Really annoying game. Safe to say my plan backfired. However, we scored 3 offside goals. Probably a karma for me playing such a high line. That's our season done, the very last saving grace and we bottled it against a sub-par side.


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Second season coming around. I've made a couple of Malaysian signings, amongst the best in the division. From that my odds to win the league went from 70-1 to 6-1 and now I'm predicted to finish 3rd.


Here is the transfer business. Some of these players were very cheap and they were a lot easier to convince than I expected. Yusof left without my consent basically. I holidayed a couple days and he left because he was transfer listed :( 


Doesn't matter though, I have plenty of CB depth. Our star players are Juninho Souza and the Japanese Karuba. Our midfield is what makes us. Fully Malaysian attacking midfield but a Dutch forward. Anyways this season I hope to finally win something.

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