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  1. Tipping thread - 2017/18

    Manchester United to beat Huddersfield at 2/5. £10 returns £14.00
  2. Matchday Chat - 20-22nd October 2017

    Booing at full-time and Sky also caught sound of some bloke screaming "Bilic you gotta go" as well but really, what's the point? I'm sure there would be a "new manager bounce", it's inevitable, look at Leicester and I'm sure when West Ham sack Bilic and there is an upturn of form, West Ham's owners will feel their decision has been vindicated but longer term, nothing will change. West Ham will still act the same way in the transfer window, they'll still sell their best players when a bigger club comes in for them and the manager at the time will never see that money and they'll be expected to replace the departing player with another player for a fraction of the fee. As I said above, the Olympic Stadium and the owners have a noose around the neck of that club and it's ever tightening. Olympic Stadium's are woeful venues for Football, history proves that but West Ham knew better and their fans said it would work. It isn't and it won't. It's a dive and until they leave or are allowed to knock the place down and start again, they'll lose a number of fans through discontentment and apathy. As for the owners, unless a daft multi-billionaire comes in with more money than sense and offers Gold and Sullivan an obscene figure for that club and enough of a profit for Gold and Sullivan's liking, they're heading more and more into the abyss and more and more like a Stoke City or West Brom, who are just nothing clubs in the Premier League these days.
  3. Matchday Chat - 20-22nd October 2017

    Kicking off in the stands according to Jamie Carragher, which is no surprise. That Olympic Stadium and the owners are like a joint noose around West Ham's neck and it's truly fucking satisfying to see.
  4. Matchday Chat - 20-22nd October 2017

    Yes, yes it is. This is the West Ham Way not some mythical brand of total football played by players with a mixture of claret and blue and jellied eels running through their veins.
  5. Didn't know about the Everton 'incident' till I got to work. I was expecting a full on punch, the way people were talking about it. I reckon what's gone against the bloke, and rightly so, is the fact he's run down the stairs and shoved the Lyon keeper. If he was sat on the front row, there's an argument there that he was pushing the player away as he was protecting his child but having ran down the steps, it's a no brainier that the bloke had to be banned.
  6. I hate to use footballing clichès but Köln v Werder Bremen is as close as you can get to a must win for Köln. A defeat opens up a six-point gap between them and Bremen and even at this stage of the season, it seems a large amount to be clawing back. With a lack of attacking threat in Yuya Osaka, Sehrou Guirassy and Jhon Cordoba, it's up to the aging Claudio Pizarro to score, unless Bremen's defenders fancy scoring some own goals. There were some mutterings of discontent in Borisov from Köln fans so a defeat here will surely see some form of change take place, whether that's Peter Stöger or Jörg Schmadtke.
  7. Off to Aston Villa v Fulham on Saturday. Both me and my Dad have never done Villa Park and this is the first proper 'day out' of the season for us, so I'm really looking forward to it. I don't think we could have picked a better game tbh, Villa have a very good home record and are unbeaten at Villa Park in the league this season and Fulham have the second best away record in the division and have only lost at Burton this season. I'm hoping the game is an indicator of the two sides' respective records and there's a few goals in it. Looking forward to the train journey and a few drinks in Birmingham before the game.
  8. 'Smaller' Clubs Unhappy with SFA's Youth Plans

    If Scottish Football is anything like English Football, no, nothing can be done.
  9. How "big" is the team above?

    Second most successful club in Peru, though no league titles in eleven years and two runners-up places in the past ten years looks like they're a club who's underperformed in recent years, or at least it does from the outside looking in. No international tournament wins and two semi-final places, both in the 70's makes me think they're not all that good against bigger South American sides. In some ways, they have similarities with Liverpool, minus the international honours. Celtic
  10. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Odd how people would wet themselves if some of the names mentioned here managed their clubs.
  11. Who are you going to manage on FM18?

    Part of me wants to be completely ballsy and load the game up when I annually get it and start unemployed with the intention of staying at one club for as long as possible.
  12. Poor permanent appointment really. His temporary spell yielded some good results but ultimately, was he really going to be able to replicate those results over a longer period? The last thing Leicester want now is Sam Allardyce. After a decent Champions League campaign and that Premier League win, it's got to be a foreign appointment, surely?
  13. Players you hate

    Liverpool fans who stood with their scarves above their heads on Saturday and sung "You'll never walk alone" showed emotion. As did the Liverpool fans who spent 90 minutes supporting their team. The United fans who got behind their team and sung showed emotion. The people who spent 90 minutes losing their shit and gesticulating and spewed bile at say Phil Jones for daring to do his job by walking near the Liverpool fans to take a throw-in weren't showing emotion. They were displaying a deep lying sense of bitterness, resentment and looked like utter morons in front of millions. Does it affect your life that a footballer was doing his job by taking a throw-in? It's not emotional to act like an angry ape all because it's a 'rivalry'. It's just being a tit and if you get that "emotional" because of a player from a rival club, its fucking hilarious.
  14. Been bored so sat and thought about it. I quite fancy Heart of Midlothian for some reason. I think that would be interesting. You've obviously got Celtic who are miles ahead of everyone and then Rangers and Aberdeen as the next best sides plus the likes of Hibernian and a couple of others who could surprise a team like Hearts. I think Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday are interesting challenges for different reasons. Sunderland look in dire straits in the real world and I can't imagine they'll be in a much better state on FM and Wednesday have slipped up in the last two Championship play-off's and they'll be expecting success, I think. Abroad, I haven't even thought yet. I fancy someone who hasn't won a league title in a long time, a bit of a fallen giant, whether in the top league or the second tier.
  15. Rugby League - World Cup (26 Oct - 2nd Dec 2017)

    That Australia World Cup jersey is superb. Also, a consortium have applied for a place in the third tier of UK RL with a side to be based in New York.