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  1. Jacko

    Members You Miss

    Sorry I've been away. COVID really messed with my work/life balance!
  2. Raphinha has really impressed of late. A win is a win and I'm happy with some of the football we've been playing in this mad season.
  3. Funny that since I've been away on holiday, Leeds haven't lost Bamford missing from there was a joke. Needs to up his game quick. Not even the encouragement of Jon Bon Jovi could help him.
  4. A mate of mine said to me after the game "you're only ever fucking happy when they win". Duh. I agree with Lucas, it's so damn frustrating to the point where most fans just can't be arsed anymore.
  5. I agree with Lucas. There's a certain level of "if I keep playing these players, they'll eventually come good". I've mentioned my frustration about Bamford already but for me, if he actually could actually take his chances and use his brain more, focus on being less of a cock womble to oppositions and their fans and generally work a little harder in his role, he would be on a lot more goals and obliterating this league in terms of goals. He's got 10+ goals now from being the most wasteful striker in the division - imagine what he would be like if he actually hit the target! Frustrating times for us once again but at least we are still up there with the rest. It's going to be a squeaky bum couple of months but I hope we realise soon that we need to buck our ideas up!
  6. The fan base in Leeds is massive. It's a one club city which always helps but almost everyone you speak to around the city supports Leeds United and wouldn't dream of supporting any other team. Obviously success in the past has meant we've got fans from further afield too and then there's families who are Leeds supporting families who pass it down to their kids even if they have no connection to the city. Leeds United is a massive club and there's no bias there at all.
  7. He was poor to start with but once the team started gelling together, he showed the ability that he does possess. Still not a huge fan of the lad as he is a bit of shithouse sometimes but as long as he's getting goals and helping the team get results, I ain't arsed.
  8. A few fans walked out after Millwall's second which was absolutely ridiculous. So glad we got the win but like @Lucas said we don't half do it the hard way!
  9. Jacko

    Sunderland Till I Die - Netflix

    I enjoyed the Sunderland one. Not as good as the one about Leeds but at least Sunderland didn't have Russell Crowe's dulcet and emotionless tones ruining it.
  10. This isn't even a surprise. I'd reject a move to a smaller club too
  11. Poveda is expected to come on from the bench tonight so can't wait to see what kind of an impact he can make. He certainly comes hotly tipped to do well. Plus he's got the same number as me on his shirt so he has good taste
  12. Jacko


    Thank you gents.
  13. Happy with the two most recent signings. I'm hoping they push Bamford to perform a little better. He's looked off in the last few games and hasn't managed to find the net but with these guys coming in, it might spur him on to keep his place. I can see him getting 20 this season as he's already on 10 but he needs to work that little harder.
  14. Jacko


    I will be unapproachable and untolerable either way!
  15. Jacko


    I love the guy! This used to be near where I lived. I'm not sure if it is still there as I've moved houses since and not been back past.