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  1. My apology, I forgot to put link https://www.transfermarkt.com/pedro-chirivella/profil/spieler/242273
  2. Hello Liverpool fans (and other members who follow this topic) Please, some questions for you about the player from Liverpool U23 team What is the situation with him? I saw his contract expires soon and I suppose that LFC will not extend his contract!? And what do you think, is he a potential reinforcement for a smaller clubs (for example, average clubs from the UEFA Europa League or similar clubs) Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  3. as_art

    The Photography Thread

    Try to do it But the most important, image must be laser printed + upside down (mirror effect) I hope you understood my complicated explanation And prepare: - a piece of wood (possible with other materials but I am sure that wood is most appropriate) - wood glue (mix with water) - colorless varnish - and a lot of patience If you will need any advice, feel free to ask me. Good luck!
  4. as_art

    The Photography Thread

    Thanks nudge Regarding this technique... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NjYbAAQ4vw In general, it is not too complicated but some steps may be tiring, especially peel off the paper, a small mistake and the whole work fails.
  5. as_art

    The Photography Thread

    Hi everyone, I would like to share with you my pictures. Technique - transfer picture on wood. There are a different themes but this time I will post only pictures with sports themes. https://imgur.com/1Eb7XBD https://imgur.com/JorwFaU https://imgur.com/5x2MKQq https://imgur.com/EAUi4oS https://imgur.com/6i7zEj3 https://imgur.com/HJIWMac (transfer technique + acrylic paints) https://imgur.com/9rLAjlj