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  1. Entertaining game so far..maybe I'm biased to the moment but this world cup has been one of the most entertaining ones I've ever watched. Japan, SK, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco.. This match is end to end, best two teams in the tournament
  2. Gg Uruguay...better team won. Ghana's youthfulness showed in the end. I'm not going to take solace in Uruguay not getting out of the group...that doesn't matter as much as Ghana not making it out.
  3. No pen...it's a fifty fifty ball until he gains possession..he never had possession.. shoulder to shoulder..no pen
  4. tf was that cross ghana?? probably a goal somewhere in et right?
  5. That was our chance... Funny... Uruguay need a goal just as bad as we do lol
  6. Their goal was coming...no one to blame but themselves. Hopefully this wakes them up.
  7. lol well that was fast Denmark won't fold though so you never know
  8. So if it ends like this... somehow Tunisia goes through lol
  9. You're forgetting to account for American exceptionalism.
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