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  1. That's why fred should have been playing..he's one of the only 1s who pressures consistently
  2. I'm just going to quote myself and then continue being sad... If we are not going to use Cristiano then we should pay him as an apology for wasting his time and let him leave.. We didn't deserve Cristiano coming back to begin with and if this is how we are going to use him..if I was Cristiano right now I might tell them I'm not playing another game... This was his game to lose...we didn't even give him a chance. Do I have to remind you who Cristiano is? Start Rashford...has Rashford even been playing lol..
  3. Welp, that was a good game... Fred should have been on the pitch Cristiano.. lol Sigh..
  4. Did Rashford score even 10 goals last season? Ronaldo was our top scorer last season. He missed training camp and has ridden the bench this season, so of course there will be less...you can't score if you're not on the pitch.. . Yes he may be out of form a bit. But this is Cristiano Ronaldo. And this a hungry Cristiano. He's earned the benefit of the doubt. In a big game, you play big game players. I don't think he should be the main man overall. But today? Ronaldo magic might just have given us the win today.. We'll see... I guess I will watch the first half lol...going to be dead tired in the morning though haha
  5. I really want to watch this game but I can't because of work and stuff...I basically have 9 hrs from kick off till my shift starts..so, it is what it is. I will be asleep during it. Start Ronaldo. This is a big time game and he is a big time player, one who is hungry to prove himself again? Even if he fails, now we know better.... answers are better than questions and this would have provided so many answers. Rashford scores like 2 in a month and we forget all of last season? This is Man City... running blindly into defenses might work against some of the less experienced teams...but you are facing world class defenders here with an all time coach...you can't just turn the corner here and rely on the element of surprise. He will be picked off so many times it will look ridiculous.. Maybe they are saving Ronaldo for later in the season...but honestly does Utd even have that luxury...? We've won 3 games..there is no long term plan here...we have to win now and we have to play big game players. Ronaldo on the bench is inexcusable. Throw the kitchen sink at them and by the sink, I mean a hungry Ronaldo. But.. Haaland.KDB.Pep. I mean, who is our best player again? If you think Man City will be listless infront of goal where we can just sit back and hope they don't take their chances..City are a bear that's been poked. They will be clinical in front of goal. So honestly we need to try to win the possession game here. We are not winning with 35% possession...this is not that type of game..Man City deal with the counter attack every single game. Pep will have them beyond prepared so City will not beat themselves this game. City will bury most of their chances this game.. So I don't even see a chance for Utd if I'm being honest. And I'm trying to...but the only ace we had up our sleeves was a Ronaldo masterclass..but, we rather start Rashford instead. All right, maybe I will wake up and be wrong lol but this is not looking good at all
  6. Game's done gg but honestly Arsenal aren't a threat to win the league...
  7. Deserved goal. Spurs want to sit back, that's what you get..
  8. I'm watching Japan vs USA right now and Japan is a well organized squad. They always are. They have always been a tough out, they play as a unit. Japan is a team you'd do well to simply avoid..they always take points at the World Cup.. They're in a group with Germany and Spain so their group is difficult and Costa Rica is also a wild card and very capable of results..but Japan won't be walkovers either.. The U.S. are behind in the match right now, it's half time...and, they look listless. Which is exactly what an American squad is not. America plays England I think a day after Thanksgiving. It will be electric, there will be a lot of eyes on this game. Thanksgiving is a huge American sporting day to begin with...if you combine that with the World Cup, and the vs English rivalry...it will probably be one of the most watched football games of the year, and certainly will be the biggest football game of the year for Americans.. Well, insofar... So... Let's see if in the 2nd half the Americans can turn it on, if they are aware of the stakes they are about to face, ... and, what adjustments they are going to make. They have 1 of the biggest games of the World Cup..and I think they will be up for it in the end, but Japan are a worthy opponent as well..and a good barometer. This is a confidence match more than anything.
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