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  1. Well, I mean usually GKs don't get so much attention as strikers. Everyone admire good scorers.
  2. Not popular opinion probably, but Neuer is amazing.
  3. https://www.deepl.com/translator - the best translator at the moment. Using it when looking for some foreign news about football. Better than Google Translate. Casinosohneverifizierung.de - sites for betting that do not ask for verification, in German only.
  4. Since I am pretty biased, I would say good. However, he needs a lot of improvement. The team isn't very competitive at this point. But he's still a very young coach, a lot of things are ahead of him. Wishing only the best.
  5. I think they have potential to win WC2022 this time. Truly, they have a lot of amazing players like long time ago. I see them going very far.
  6. Expecting Belgium win. Even though, I think Canada is better than ever, but not against Belgium this time.
  7. Hey, joined this forum to discuss about World Cup 2022. As you can see, I still think Klose was the best player ever, including World Cups.
  8. Not likely. Brazil, France, England, Germany, too many strong teams. Probably impossible.
  9. Game was interesting, but expected more from Croatia to be honest.
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