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  1. Haas' current car is a proper joke. It's worse than last year's bc it's so unstable. MSC will certainly get another season. That doesn't change his fundamental problem though, simply delay it for one year.
  2. It's a common technique used by despots in order to distract from the government failures. The worse the quality of life for their own population, the more nationalist chest-beating, military parades and finger-pointing at other countries. Putin has done this for the better part of two decades now. He's using external conflicts in order to distract from his failed inner politics. While Russian soldiers are shooting down civilian air craft from foreign soil they are illegally annexing, Russian nationalist go mad "bc everyone is bullying to Russia" and turn to their "strong leader" Putin. Likewise, the average daily mail reader - who will most likely be poorer as a direct consequence of Brexit and may even have lost his job bc of it - will feel more relevant when he reads that his own country is increasing its military and sending threats, even though it doesn't improve his personal life one bit.
  3. I posted that a week ago. You already told me to stop and I did, not bc I ran out of images or anything, but rather bc I was concerned about your health.
  4. BoJo always needed a haircut. Now he needs a headcut.
  5. https://twitter.com/itsafrogslife/status/1346492076956004353/photo/1
  6. Carnt weet t' gerr'ar fish back from fook'n Pierre like, 'longs t'us dunnit? Simple as like, gorra luv bulldog bozza sennin' are navy lads in, sort vose bloodeh shirteh continennuls owt, put 'em in veir place like gerrum t' pipe down, 'e dunt bloodeh muck around! Luv me captain bullseye fishfingurs me, an'now wiv ate Brexit get 'em cheeper at Iceland like, propa pukka tha', carnt weet t' sit on sofa wotchin' t' norf la's giv' vem soufers good fook'n bel'in' on Sky Sports on t' noo tele wiv me fish finger barm, fook'n 'appeh dehs Fumin'
  7. I think the government will try to blame a single country instead. This divide and conquer apporach is a little easier than blaming the entire EU at once. It will probably be France and if France doesn't work for some reason, then they'll try Germany. I wish I could be that optimistic.
  8. BoJo might announce a No Deal Brexit later today and blame the French.
  9. Imagine the faces of right wing nutters when they find out this money will be used to buy Leopard 2s, Boxers or replace L30s with Rheinmetall smoothbore guns.
  10. Unfortunately lots of black racists could not handle Wilder's loss and made up some idiotic conspiracy theories: All debunked here:
  11. An Australian in charge of trade negotiations? That's basically the government admitting that they have no leverage in the negotiations with the EU and going: "Fuck it! Let's just throw some mad bantz at them!".
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