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  1. Where was Missi? Did Setién make the mistake to tell him they wouldn't be playing Eibar today?
  2. Lewandowski, still mad at Goretzka over that training row, blocked Goretzka's header. Would have been 4-0 otherwise. Also Lewa= better defender than Rüdiger
  3. Davies is basically a Coman who doesn't get injured every 2nd match.
  4. Chelsea: Oh look, were against 10 Bayern momentarily. Let's give Bayern a break and get a red.
  5. Nice lay back by Müller there. <- is that even proper English?
  6. This is why they've won the Bundesliga 7 times in a row and why the Bundesliga can be so frustrating to watch. They defend just well enough, but they create chances with such ease. If you have a off day you're getting hammered 4:0. And this isn't even the best Bayern we've seen.
  7. If you can't then nobody can, mate. Can't believe your Australian superpowers and insults would ever let you down.
  8. Good question, Michael. Thanks for asking. Haaland is the best striker in the world right now and everybody you'd love to have him playing for their team. Scoring a goal against Atléti is not as easy as scoring a goal against West Ham, sunshine. What do you think it means? Why are you trying to hurt my feelings, honey? Did I ever say anything mean to you?
  9. Don't really understand how people can get so petty and angry about who's the best striker in BPL when Haaland is 6 times better anyway. Please keep it civil, guys.
  10. My personal protest against matches on Mondays.
  11. Calm down. Not everyone can be as good Haaland.
  12. Because Atléti are at least twice as good as Westham. Math never lies. Simple facts.
  13. @Dr. Gonzo @LFCMadLad @LFCMike You need to win by at least 3 goals or you won't advance against Atléti.