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  1. Mbappe has always been a massive cunt. Right after the bomb attack on our bus he was diving, acting and asking for cards, the little turd. He has also been a massive diving twat at the world cup, even against much lesser opponents.
  2. I would go much further than that. 1 half world class, another half put team.
  3. 210 minutes of anti-football in aggregate.
  4. If you score the 1-0 in the 90th minute or extra time for example. Possible.
  5. Are you ready for 120 minutes of anti-football?
  6. I expect PSG to score 3 or 4 goals. I guess we'll have to score 3 ourselves then.
  7. God is Haaland

    Man City v Arsenal Postponed

    Social responsibility my ass. You're just happy Liverpool can't win the title on your own turf.
  8. The balder the head, the bigger the fraud. Is Portugese football really that much worse on a tactical level or is it the players that are making the difference?
  9. Obviously extremely difficult for Spurs without Kane and Son, but RB outdid Tottenham in every category. Even low table Buli teams can interrupt RB's flow better than Tottenham.
  10. https://www.bvb.de/eng/News/Overview/Cost-of-Paris-tickets-to-be-refunded
  11. God is Haaland

    US 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Race

    And yet their corrupt, demented candidate is going to win against Bernie. Biden is not only leading in Washington, Mississippi, Missouri, Idaho and North Carolina - which I was expecting - but also in MI, where people lost their jobs thanks to the trade deals Biden voted for.
  12. Sorry, to hear about your loss, mate.