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God is Haaland

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  1. God is Haaland

    Dickface Donald

    Bet he dissolved the ashes of Trump Sr in milk and drank it.
  2. https://streamable.com/5t3rqs
  3. The score doesn't give it away, but Holtmann was really, really good.
  4. One set of rules for Bayern, https://streamja.com/noab7 a different set for everybody else. Same old story....
  5. N-n-o nonononono!111 This is is a penalty: Don't you see how this is a penalty and your picture isn't?! You must not be on Bayern's pay roll then.
  6. Oh damn 2-2, it's on now!
  7. Oooooooooh! This could get interesting now.
  8. Imagine being an uptight funblocker without a sense of humor, because you have to eat llama every day.
  9. Schalke have about 75% possession, but they lack the control in tight spaces and -as you said- the positioning. They are so toothless up front.
  10. If Messi did that, the entire internet would be wanking over it for days.
  11. Ilsanker misses his own goal.
  12. Jealous? I bet you never scored a goal like that.
  13. Frankfurt had a good chance to score the 4-3, but that was a really poor finish.
  14. "stream" but that's illegal!
  15. You're like a slower version of @Stan, always 1 minute late. Drink pure Sriracha, it will sharpen your senses. One day you might beat him.
  16. God is Haaland

    Last movie you watched?

    Hello, I'm not from Ireland and my name is not Séamus O'Sullivan, but I think "Black '47" is a very good Movie and it's free to watch for Amazon prime members. @nudge @Inverted
  17. Bremen deserve to get relegated.
  18. Half a meter is "close"?
  19. Mbappe has always been a massive cunt. Right after the bomb attack on our bus he was diving, acting and asking for cards, the little turd. He has also been a massive diving twat at the world cup, even against much lesser opponents.
  20. I would go much further than that. 1 half world class, another half put team.
  21. 210 minutes of anti-football in aggregate.