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God is Haaland

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  1. Don't you worry mate. Super striker Werner has entered the pitch.
  2. That HAS to be a red for Tuta and a pen for Augsburg.
  3. Imo the fans who were protesting physically - not online - before the match kinda did that. Because they shouted what is - admittedly - a criticism of the board at the end of the day AT the manager and the players. Which makes it look like they think Klopp and the players were in favour of the Super League. When Klopp took over, Liverpool was essentially a mid table team. Since then he won the Premier League, the Champions League and every single season prior to the current one Liverpool punshed above their weight. Klopp was vehemently against the SL right from the beginning. I can't comprehend how the board can value his opinion so little, given what he's done not only the club, but more importantly for the interests of said board.
  4. Is it fair to criticise the manager and the players for something that was done by the board?
  5. Haaland Haaland fraud #1 Haaland fraud #2
  6. 4:1 done and dusted. Easy when the match is not fixed.
  7. Don't worry, mate. They'll just stage some accidents and release SCs until he's 0.2s behind Max.
  8. God is Haaland

    Formula One - General Chat

    Haas' current car is a proper joke. It's worse than last year's bc it's so unstable. MSC will certainly get another season. That doesn't change his fundamental problem though, simply delay it for one year.
  9. The impact of DRS depends on the track. On some tracks overtaking between two roughly evenly-matched cars would be almost impossible without DRS. DRS can go when he cars suffer less from dirty air.
  10. Ham stuck behind Stroll -> Stroll's gearbox starts messing up shifts....
  11. Bitter bc you can't refute this? Sad.
  12. Hamilton has a big lead, crash happens -> VSC so Hamilton can keep his lead Anybody else has a big, crash happens -> PSC so Hamilton can close in behind the SC HAM completely fucks up, race gets red flagged... How much more handholding does he need on top of having an unbeatable car and the best wing man?
  13. HOW IS THAT A CORNER????? They aren't even trying to hide it anymore.
  14. Very sad City were allowed to whine their way back into this game.
  15. Rodri dives with no contact, City scream foul, they get a freekick Gündogan ellbows Bellingham in the face, ignored Morey stops the ball close to the line, but still inside, City scream, they get a throw in Bellingham steals the ball from Walker, City scream, they get a freekick Akanji with a risky but clean tackle agaisnt Stones, City scream, they get a freekick, Bellingham gets a yellow The referee is not up to the task mentally. City can win this game by screaming around like a toddler having a fit.
  16. Blatant ellbow by Gündogan against Bellingham. Should be a yellow at least.
  17. How many referees will City play in defense today?
  18. @Devil-Dick Willie did Werner manage to waste chances even though he isn't even playing? Perhaps by lowering his team mates' standards?
  19. Not a real PSG match unless Coman scores against them. What is this?! A scam?
  20. Didn't watch. Was this El Classico low quality by any chance?