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  1. You. Your low-IQ posts actually hurt when I have to read them.
  2. I didn't know foul-mouthed little brats can become moderators on this forum.
  3. This decision is a disgrace. The stewards are grasping for straws and revealed their bias here. First they treat two corners as one and then argue that Max should have been next to Hamilton at the start of the breaking zone instead of where the drivers turn in, essentially punishing Max for being better on the breaks. Max was all the way to the left before they made contact and Hamilton had much room left but decided to ram Max and therefore is to blame here.
  4. What an achievement by Tuchel to win the UCL with someone else's squad and without proper preparation. I wonder which club he'll manage after Chelsea sack him in 6 months....
  5. Jorginho at it again. Why does he play for Chelsea? He should have been sold after Sarri's exit.
  6. The Chelsea players are proper lads. Ziyech, Mount, Havertz all waste chances intentionally in order to make Werner feel better.
  7. Hazard did contribute very little indeed. Chelsea are defending really well. Hazard only gets to touch the ball in the most uncomfortable positions. I'm not sure whether anybody would do much better in his position. Maybe Real need to attack differently.
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