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  1. EastSixth

    The Holiday Thread

    Anyone been to Croatia before? Thinking about doing a trip somewhere between June and September. Ideally I would go to Barcelona then Berlin and finish in Split/islands off Croatia. Let me know if anyone has been to any of these places as I never have.
  2. EastSixth

    How Many Stadiums Have You Been To?

    The Emirates Craven Cottage Pride Park Falmer Stadium The Dripping Pan (non league - Lewes) Stadio Olimpico
  3. I am having a hard time getting too optimistic about this potential signing. Suarez appears to be underwhelming in Spain and by Arsenal standards is a fairly expensive transfer. Perhaps Emery believes he saw potential in their time together but I don't see this being the type of signing to get us truly competitive with the top of the league. Hopefully they are identifying talents in defense for the summer transfer season.
  4. EastSixth

    The Holiday Thread

    I personally think autumn would be the best time of year to go to NYC. The city gets hot as hell in the summer time and starts to smell from the garbage. I am hoping to get to France, Prague or somewhere in Scandinavia during 2019. Most likely spend a little time in England as well if possible to see Arsenal and some family.
  5. Arsenal are still consistently scoring goals, trouble is in their defense. I continue to think its an arbitrary claim.
  6. Seems arbitrary to suggest they are not creating enough chances when the team has scored numerous goals in every game on this winning streak. Winning 9 games in a row can't be dismissed by the competition at this level.
  7. Not entirely the same circumstances as he was struggling in his career on the field. I think dropping Lloris entirely would be harsh for a first offense of drunk driving. He should be fined and learn from the mistake to avoid doing this in the future.
  8. The officiating has been appalling in this match.