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  1. NBA Discussion

    Can the Celtics still make the playoffs? Irving to have an MVP season?
  2. La Liga 1|2|3 - Segunda División

    @SirBalon Lugo doing well mate. Currently in 2nd. How ecstatic would you be if they qualify for the top flight and get to face off against the likes of Messi and Busquets?
  3. What are you listening to?

  4. Random Football Stuff

    All this stuff will be automated in the near future. Robotized. In American football there's talk of the field being gigantic LED screens the players would play on, while graphics, yardage and other info be shown on the screen/field upon which the players compete. You gotta figure that high technology will "infringe" and be introduced upon the integrity and soul of our beloved "Beautiful Game" in the not-too-distant future. VAR may be the first step. It behooves and benefits the tech companies and money men to introduce all this. Wouldn't be at all surprised if R&D into this and other similar applications (of a more military bent) is being worked on. Wonder just how the "Beautiful Game" will develop and evolve in the near and distant future? Would the fundamental rules of the game change to suit tastes? Humanity, it can be argued, is evolving and football will evolve with us. Drone footie!
  5. Random Football Stuff

    Do you know how the design was "printed" on the last pic mate?
  6. What are you listening to?

  7. What are you listening to?

    "Nie Vergessen" by Glasperlenspiel
  8. La Liga - Week 8 Fixtures - 13-16th October 2017

    I admit I haven't been watching the match all the way through, mate. Am distracted by the missus Was venting my frustration at Valverde playing him. Took it out on him, I suppose. I just know that whenever Gomes starts, it's never a good thing for us. Results do matter, and Gomes ain't good for results. Just goes to show how well Chelsea and Conte did versus Atletico at the Wanda Metropolitano.
  9. La Liga - Week 8 Fixtures - 13-16th October 2017

    Well it's been proven that Barca loses the majority if not all of the matches that Andre Gomes starts. Just a dumb decision on Valverde's part to start him against a team like Atletico away from home.
  10. La Liga - Week 8 Fixtures - 13-16th October 2017

    Barca is losing cos Andre Gomes is playing. Simple as that.
  11. La Liga - Week 8 Fixtures - 13-16th October 2017

    Truly magnificent stadium, the Wanda Metropolitano. Olympic and epic in scale. What a beaut. Great choice for the 2019 Champions League Final.
  12. Random Football Stuff

    Pretty interesting. Have always wondered about this. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, apparently it's to help the linesmen with offside decisions too. If only more linesmen would utilize them to make the correct decisions innit!! Wonder if it makes ANY BIT of difference in the way the ball moves across the "light" and "dark" stripes. In a tight game of microseconds and inches, could it make an iota of difference if it's a shoddily mown pitch? Many landscapers consider it an artform. https://www.quora.com/How-are-the-stripes-on-a-football-field-made http://www.scag.com/lawnstriping.html
  13. World Cup 2018: Russia - General Chat

    Probs too early to speculate, but which nations does everyone think will make it to the 2018 World Cup Final at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow? (where Manchester United won their most recent European Cup/Champions League title). The 2018 World Cup Final will hopefully and most likely feature any combination of Brasil, Germany and Argentina. Belgium, France and Spain the dark horses.
  14. Paris Saint-Germain Discussion

    Fine-tuning their play with each other whilst at PSG in preparation for the 2018 World Cup. I think only the 2006 World Cup winning squad of Italy has as many instrumental players from one team (Juventus). Then again, Juventus has always supplied loads of players to the Italian national team. Bodes well for Brasil?? The 2018 World Cup Final will hopefully and probably feature any combination of Brasil, Germany and Argentina. France the dark horse.