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  1. Citeh in the quarters, scousers in the semis and revenge against Barca in the final will do me just fine
  2. Salford Kel

    Pep Guardiola to Juventus

    Sounds as much of a 'challenge' as Ronaldo's, not that there'll be any truth in this
  3. Salford Kel

    Tommy Robinson

    Couldn't be more of an obvious MI5 asset if he said "Hello, I am an MI5 asset"
  4. Salford Kel

    Electronic Music Thread

  5. Pretty much exactly what DeadLinesman said. Without wishing to slate Arsenal, I'd also add that I don't really see any great improvement in them since Wenger went. This isn't to say that Emery has done badly or that it won't take time to progress, it's just that a fair few Gooners seem to think there's some major change afoot and so far I really don't see it. Letting Ramsey go was also a bit mad as he's been consistently good for them unlike the majority of their other players
  6. This is the first time the club has felt like Manchester United since Fergie retired. I really cannot pay any higher tribute than that and nowt more needs to be said. I enjoyed seeing Di Maria's gormless face afterwards too, which was a brand new experience. Also, why was showpony Neymar trapping off about the penalty for? Doesn't he know big clubs usually get the big decisions? He used to play for one ffs
  7. Salford Kel

    England squad vs Czech Republic and Montenegro

    How's James Ward-Prowse not in?
  8. Salford Kel

    Stuff you used to watch which now embarrasses you?

    The 'news' and any political program that pretends politicians aren't actors following a script
  9. Salford Kel

    The Best Covers

    Covers should be different from the original or what's the point? Just sounds like some karaoke knobhead. Two from the top of my head that are decent Originally by Billy Bragg Originally by Neil Young
  10. Salford Kel

    Paul Scholes Leaves Oldham After Only 31 Days

    Football ownership in England is at an all time low. Fair play to Scholesy for walking away when some FM playing twat thinks he can manage a football team
  11. Still think Pochettino is the right man but would be very hard not to give it to Ole now. It would also be embarrassing if Pochettino flopped and we binned Ole for someone who did well at other clubs. It's a bit worrying seeing us linked with dross like Coutinho though and, if true, it shows the club haven't learned from the ridiculous signings of Depay, Sanchez, Di Maria etc. If that absolute muppet Woodward has any say on any footballing matter it doesn't matter who manages us we won't go anywhere as you cannot be successful when someone who has zero clue about football has any say in football affairs. Stick to selling shirts in Asia you cunt
  12. I'd honestly take Nani over Sanchez. That's how shit he is. Can't make the step up to a massive club
  13. I still think Pochettino is the best candidate for the job and ticks all the right boxes but I don't think he'd be stupid enough to leave Spurs to work under Ed Woodward. Taking Pochettino out of the equation, I'd rather stick with Solskjaer OG than appoint the same sort of clueless mugs we appoint, the likes of Van Gaal and Mourinho, who were absolutely useless in virtually every single respect. There's really not much to criticise him for so far, bar the display against PSG. I said before the PSG gamne that a top four finish, an FA Cup win and reaching the CL quarters would be a decent season and going out a round early in a tournament we shouldn't even be in is hardly the end of the world. I don't think he can really be judged until he starts making his own signings but in terms of how he has the team playing and how he's getting the best out of players who have been dire in United shirts he's probably far exceeded expectations if anything
  14. The last two results have definitely seen Spurs slip out of the title race and to do so in February with the squad they have is very disappointing. If you're not in the race come mid-April then you're not really a genuine title challenger in my opinion and in most seasons there are really only two realistic contenders. Sadly this season is now no different. I'd definitely expect Pochettino to make some serious demands this summer in terms of money to spend and the wage budget being revised to attract the players they need to push on. They have the spine of a really good side but are clearly lacking that catalyst to transform a very good side into a great side capable of winning titles and other trophies. I think Pochettino will give Spurs at least one more season but if those demands are not met I think he'll be off