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  1. Salford Kel

    Songs and Memories

    Always and forever, this:
  2. Salford Kel

    Footballers You Wish You Could Have Seen...

    Duncan Edwards, Bobby Charlton, George Best, Diego Maradona
  3. Salford Kel

    What Was The Last Album You Listened To?

    Gave Massive Attack's 'Blue Lines' and Portishead's 'Dummy' a listen for the first time in a while the other day. They definitely still hold up. Two 10/10s right there.
  4. Salford Kel

    What are you listening to?

    Proper 'ip-'op
  5. I fear you're probably right. We'll learn a lot about how tough he is by who is still there next season and what characters he signs
  6. It does take time, I agree. I just don't see any diference. I'd say that I don't take beating Arsenal for granted like I did for quite a while after Vieira and Bergkamp left/retired but that's more down to us being shite than anything else. I fear Wolves and Leicester just as much tbh
  7. Salford Kel

    'Not Good Enough for That Club'

    I'd say mostly by having a successful history or, at least, successful periods and those are rightly the benchmark by which all of their sides will be judged. I'd say Leeds, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest would be able to attract better players in many instances simply due to the fact that they are perceived as bigger clubs due to their history and periods of success. Fanbase would also be a case for Villa and Leeds. That doesn't mean that you are unrealistic in your expectations. For example, United are (along with Liverpool), by far the most successful club in the country yet if anyone thinks we will win anything major in the next five years they're off their heads. The reason, ultimately, is because we have signed players who are nowhere near good enough to play for this club. They are way below the standards expected. The same happened at Liverpool for a long time because once the rut sets in it is very hard to get back (as United discovered in the 70s and 80s). Now Liverpool have players who are very much the peers of the successful sides of the 70s and 80s. They have players who are good enough for the club and that is the very basic element of it. I'd say Arsenal haven't had players good enough for Arsenal since about 2005ish. The players signed after that were nowhere near the level of the Bergkamps, the Henrys, the Vieiras etc. That doesn't mean you have to be mental and expect Arsenal to be winning the title next season - you won't for that very reason - you don't have any players good enough to play for Arsenal except Ramsey and he's doing the offs
  8. I literally see no difference or improvement under Emery. They may as well have kept Wenger. United's fall from grace is rightly ridiculed every single day but nobody ever seems to mention Arsenal and, if I were a fan, it'd bother me immensely. People accepted long ago that Arsenal are now just a side that might win a cup and might get into the top because that is what they were long before Wenger left. The day we stop being a laughing stock when we are absolute wank (as are Arsenal) is the day to be really worried
  9. It's the players who the fans will turn on and I look forward to when it happens
  10. Kompany's a top lad to be fair. Proper club legend along with David Silva and Aguero. For those that don't get the difference between players who embody the spirit of a club and those who are lazy, mentally weak prima donas compare these three, what they have achieved and how they never demanded moves because Citeh hadn't won anything in whatever season despite the fact that all top clubs would have taken any of them. These are the sort of players you want, not your Robinhos or your Mario Balotellis
  11. Went for Santo as Wolves getting promoted and finishing seventh is pretty decent even for a very good side like theirs. Wouldn't begrudge it going to Klopp though, especially if he wins a trophy or two, as he has done a phenomenal job so far and to vastly improve their league form as well as maintaining their impressive record in Europe is no mean feat.
  12. I'd rather this had been the final as I can't stand Liverpool or Barca and I'd like to have seen Spurs win it. Obviously I still do want them to win it as I wanted whoever won this to win it but I don't think they will. I just think that Liverpool are another level above them and surely they won't lose two on the bounce? I have to say though that my longheld belief that the format of this competition is absolutely pathetic is surely backed up by the laughable notion of the 'Champions of Europe' being a side that last won their own league when JFK was alive and nobody outside of Liverpool or Hamburg had ever heard of The Beatles! Madness! You could say similar about Liverpool having last won it when Oasis hadn't even formed. Not trying to slag off their achievements in getting where they have, I just think it was called the 'Champions' Cup/League for a reason. It isn't the 'we finished third/fourth league'. That was what the UEFA Cup was before it became a competition for midtable clubs like United.
  13. If Ole has any bollocks about him he'll start turfing out the prima donas like Pogba, Lingard, Martial and Lukaku as well as the utter shit like Sanchez, Jones, Smalling, Young etc. It is literally square one and the first thing to do is to ensure the dressing room only contains players who have the mentality and character to play for the club. If you want to dab, promote your poncey clothes or spend your life on Instagram then kindly fuck off and do it elsewhere
  14. Salford Kel

    'Not Good Enough for That Club'

    I'd say it's more of a mentality thing. Some players just can't handle the expectations of playing for a club of a certain size with certain expectations which is usually dictated either by having a rich history or a rich owner (or both). It's not just even to do with 'massive' clubs, some players just can't handle moving up a level or moving to a tougher league or moving to a club with higher expectations.
  15. All I can say is fair dues. By far the best Liverpool side I can remember and Klopp has given a lesson in how to transform a pretty mediocre side into a very good one (I won't say 'great' until they win something although they'd be worthy winners of the Premier League or the 'Champions' League should they go on and win either). Their name is on the trophy surely after that?