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  1. Salford Kel

    Rio Ferdinand

    usually agree with Rio on most things but this is just mad
  2. Kleberson won the World Cup and he was dogshit at United too, just like Pogba. I really don't see why being part of a World Cup winning side, especially modern sides when World Cups are absolute shite, would be an indicator of how good a player is over a period of, say, two and a half years where Pogba has been bang average at best and that is being very kind. World class players perform to a high level every week. Pogba most definitely doesn't fit that category by any stretch. Don't get me wrong, if he performs as he has been for the rest of the season, week in and week out, I'd reluctantly accept that he has paid his penance and judge him from what he does in the future but I have zero faith in him doing that and expect him to be the same Pogba who downs tools, can't be arsed, is more interested in Instagram than football and who is too fragile and weak mentally to be any sort of leader on or off the pitch. He is exactly the sort of player who is signed to excite daft Yank cheerleaders who have never stepped a foot inside Old Trafford in their lives (and when you consider who our owners are, who is shocked?)
  3. There's really no point in arguing with these clowns. I think the club will go forward and anyone is a step up from Mourinho who is essentially Tony Pulis with a bigger chequebook but I don't think we'll be anywhere near the standards expected of this club. Too many mentally weak players like Pogba who down tools and shit on the fans when they get the hump. Mass changes on the recruitment front are needed both when it comes to signing managers and players as the record over the last five years under Woodward has been abysmal at best
  4. Was that the season they got relegated a year after winning the league?
  5. You can take Rooney out of Liverpool... etc
  6. Salford Kel

    Who's the best goalkeeper in the world?

    De Gea for me, certainly in this league. He's been playing as a one man team virtually for about 5 years now and without him yesterday we'd have had the hiding of our lives. Wouldn't begrudge him fucking us off to be honest as he joined one of the best clubs in Europe then played for a Mourinho side which may as well be Wimbledon 1986
  7. Salford Kel

    Paul Pogba Leaving Manchester United in January?

    He won't leave while his fanboy Ole is in charge (which probably won't be long term). When he leaves he'll decide to play shit again and upset all the cringeworthy cunts who have no pride in themselves or in the club
  8. And some mental strength/integrity
  9. Laughable really but the sad thing is that it wouldn't actually be a surprise with the complete muppets running the show. He'd be a lot better than the abysmal Mourinho though, literally the worst manager to have managed United in nmy lifetime bar none
  10. Salford Kel

    Carlos Quieroz to Colombia

    Despise the bloke but to be fair he's a pretty decent tactician/coach from what many ex-United players have said
  11. Should really be winning all of those games now Tesco's favourite manager, Mourinho, has been binned. Obviously having our best world cup winner since Kleberson will aid our cause as he's been outstanding for the last two and a half years. That dab against Huddersfield was immense
  12. Salford Kel

    Man City Could Be Banned From Champions League

    Hope not. It's shite
  13. Agreed. Pogba should have been sent off, the embarrassment
  14. Ignore Tesco, gloryhunting Yank knobheads aren't really anything to do with United. Just embarrassing cheerleaders. They're ten a penny on Red Cafe
  15. You can tell Foden's a Citeh fan... he's from Stockport