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  1. Killing animals for food is inhumane full stop. We are not carnivores and have no reason to breed and slaughter animals for food. Regarding the 'holocaust', I've stated my views when Stan bizarrely brought it up in a thread about veganism when I said no humans have ever suffered like animals do. I am not going to lie about my beliefs because a forum full of manipulated dronebot Soggy Baguettes can't handle their beliefs being challenged. I have also been told to recant my views which I will not do so see ya. No cunt tells me what to think unlike you mugs. P.S. I never said Jimmy Savile was innocent ffs. That really is mental
  2. 'Human' (actually goatskin) lampshades, 'human' soap etc? Why lie about something that happened? Also, why has the official figure of 6m been proven to be a lie even by the Jewish groups who campaign for 'holocaust survivors' yet never give them any money yet people still bang on about 6m? I really don't care about this a great deal. I just find it mad how people believe everything they are told. Next I'll be accused of hating Jews just because I believe this was an outright lie. That's like saying I hate Americans and am some radical Al Qaeda supporter because I don't believe the 9/11 nonsense. I definitely believe Jews were persecuted and sent to work camps. That's probably as far as we are ever likely to agree
  3. Any evidence of it occurring? I'd love to hear of this
  4. Stan mentioned the Jews that were allegedly gassed during WW2. Yes I do doubt it. Very much so. I'd be delighted to hear of any non-anecdotal evidence and some non-provably altered photographs
  5. Alex Jones is even more of an obvious shill than Joe Rogan. Only thick cunts think he is genuine
  6. my avatar is of a hoody made by a vegan ethical clothing company so not sure where anarchy comes into it. The 'rule of law' sentences people to imprisonment for not paying taxes (or extortion to give it the correct term), punishes people for choosing what they can and cannot put into their own bodies and criminalises people for prostitution which literally has nothing to do with anyone bar the prostitute and the punter. Why would anyone accept the laws implemented onto them by a privileged class of criminals, thieves and paedophiles? Why are you talking about BJ's sister as though she is some paragon of truth? Politicians and their families protect their own interests. They have nothing in common with 99% of the people and they have done nothing but harm since as far back as anyone can remember. The centralised fractional reserve banking system literally enslaves people via debt. It creates 'money' out of thin air and these bankers cause booms and busts whenever they desire and they use their media outlets to convince the gullible masses that it's just a normal occurrence. And they believe it because it was in the liespapers they read and the ten o'clock lies on TV. The system is failed and it will continue to fail until people realise that the only people preventing us all having a prosperous life are the ones behind the people idiots vote for because they are too daft to see that it's all a scam, and a very obvious one at that. Look at how house prices have risen in the last 30 years, the cost of living rising at a far greater rate than wages while the CEO's of these corporations who run governments have had massive pay increases. This is not by accident. The system is designed that way. Divide and conquer occurs by controlling all parties and making it seem like they oppose each other. They are no different to Iron Sheikh and Hacksaw Jim Duggan hating each other in the ring and then getting busted doing coke in a car afterwards and politics deserves to be taken as seriously as sane people take wrestling. Why do you think what passes for 'journalists' these days never ever investigate anything? Whenever a 'terrorist attack' occurs there is zero investigation. They literally just parrot the official state line and we are supposed to believe it without question and most people do because they are unbelievably fucking dense. "It's easier to fool people to convince people they have been fooled". Amen to that. Why does Jeremy Corbyn, the man of the people, never ever mention ending the fractional reserve banking system? Because he is part of the establishment. Opposed the EEC/EU all his life then suddenly becomes pro-EU when (s)elected as Labour Leader, the same Labour who are funded by the Fabian Society. Have a look at their logo. Do you think they are trying to tell us something? Until people stop blaming the Tories, Labour, Republicans, Democrats, some random freemason pretending to be a world leader, blacks, whites, Muslims, Christians, gays, straight people, foreigners etc for their woes and actually wake up to how society is structured and to who is really the enemy of 99% of humanity then the situation will never change for the better. The best slaves are the ones who don't realise they are slaves because then they have no reason to rebel against the system that enslaves them. Sadly people are more interested in Love island, men kicking a dead cow round a bit of grass for 90 minutes or playing dumb games on their computers to bother researching anything. if it was true it'd be on the news right? Kinell
  7. Super Chrissy Smalling is on Football ocus now talking veganism with Jrmaine Jenas who is trying veganism out. Also, anyone who wants to try veganism can do the Vegan22 challenge which offers free nutritional and dietary advice and a mentor to help people adopt a vegan lifestyle. Apparently it takes 21 days to break a habit so the challenge is to maintain it for 22 days and hopefully make it a life commitment. https://challenge22.com/
  8. I usually just buy plant based wholefoods. The only meat substitutes I eat are Beyond Burger and Shwarma doner kebab/steaks. I don't think we should be posting vegan stuff here though or we'll get a telling off. There's a vegan thread for this
  9. Best I've had are from Rudy's Dirty Vegan Diner and Temple of Seitan. Had a nice one from a stall in Tottenham last Sunday too. Marli's Vegan Kitchen I think it was
  10. Why do you think the EU are any different to any other elite political organisation designed to subjugate the 'plebs'? Centralisation of power is never a good thing.
  11. I did myself at first. I ate fish, eggs and dairy for about three weeks before going vegan. It can definitely be quite daunting at first and I think a lot of vegans can forget that
  12. Plants have no brain or central nervous system. They have no sentience. But let's pretend they do. Most plant food is fed to animals so the best way to save the plants is to eat them and stop feeding them to animals
  13. And what does that tell you? It's also illegal to treat your dying child with RSO or to not pay the government a portion of the wages that you earned from your labour
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