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  1. Hugh Jass

    UK Politics

    I still can't help laughing at Theresa May, Ben Gummer and Lynton Crosby for their huge failure of a campaign. They had the obvious advantage of knowing that there would be election before their opposition. The Tories completely deserve this punishment that they have been received, and of course May's position is surely untenable. If it wasn't for the brilliant campaign by Ruth Davidson who led the Scottish Tory surge in Scotland, their overall position would have been even more precarious. And Tories' Scottish success weakens Sturgeon's hand with a second independence referendum. I wonder if the war criminal Blair will pipe up on these results. Margaret Beckett looked bitter and Labour's success tonight which was funny.
  2. A win-win final as far as I'm concerned. I of course will be supporting England and it would be fantastic if they could win this tournament. But if they lose I would be delighted for Venezuela and it would be an amazing success for the historically weakest member of CONMEBOL. I can't wait for the match.
  3. Hugh Jass

    UK Politics

    If this exit poll it true, it serves Theresa May and the Tories right for an arrogant, lacklustre campaign and a disaster of a manifesto.
  4. Hugh Jass

    UK Politics

    I was considering voting for the Lib Dems as I still feel that they were totally shafted at the last election, as if they were the only party to ever go back on an election pledge. In my seat they sunk from 2nd place to 5th in 2015, behind even the Green Party, and I wanted to help them make a revival in this constituency. I definitely think thank the Con-Lab coalition government was a far better scenario than a majority Tory government. And it's a safe Labour seat where they have a majority of 17,000 anyway. But at the last minute in the polling station I changed my mind and voted for Labour. If the Tories do win another majority, which I don't want to happen but which I think will unfortunately be the final outcome, I'm assuming that they will press ahead with adjusting the electoral boundaries and reducing the number of seats from 650 to 600? That will further increase their advantage. I think that generally speaking safe Labour seats have smaller populations than safe Tory ones. That was why Tony Blair ended the 2005 election with healthy majority over 60 seats (despite losing plenty due to Iraq and tuition fees) with such a relatively small share of the votes.
  5. Hugh Jass

    UK Politics

    Apparently Diane Abbott is stepping aside as shadow home secretary for the period of her 'ill-health', and is being replaced by Lyn Brown. That's according to a Guardian news pop-up that I received on my phone. The day before the election interesting. This might gain Labour quite a number of extra votes tomorrow.
  6. Hugh Jass

    UK Politics

    I will probably vote for Labour on Thursday as I identify far more with their policies than those of the Tories, but I fear that 3 factors will harm their bid to fight back and win a significant number of seats at this election: 1) The Shy Tory factor - in any opinion poll it's worth adding on a couple of points to the Tories' total because of this alone. 2) The ineptitude of Diane Abbott. 3) The fact that many people who traditionally vote for Labour may stay at home on polling day, similar to how many staunch Democrats couldn't bring themselves to vote for Hillary last year and just didn't vote at all. We'll see though. I certainly hope that I'm wrong. If the Tories emerge from this election with a majority of under 50 seats, then in my opinion it will be big disappointment and failure for them, given that they didn't need to hold it in the first place.
  7. I actually thought that they'd miss out before the qualification campaign started, but then they proved me wrong by speeding out of the blocks and racking up the points. They are the experts and seasoned veterans of the world cup inter-continental qualifying play-off (those qualifiers against Australia in 2001 and 2005 were amazing occasions), and I expect them to make their 5th consecutive repechage appearance. As I said recently on another thread, while Tabarez has of course done a fantastic job overall during his reign there, I do think that he is actually now holding the team back with his long ball tactics and team/squad selections, in-particular not giving more of their exciting crop of young players more of an opportunity instead of out-of form veterans. Then again I have to admire Uruguay, as the fact that country of 3.5 million people (and they are the comfortably the smallest and least populous CONMEBOL nation to boot) is so successful in the most popular sport in the world is just an amazing story.
  8. Hugh Jass

    Unpopular Football Opinions

    Probably a very unpopular opinion, but here goes. Generally attacking players are just better players than defensive players. Statistically it is far more difficult to score goals than to prevent the other team from scoring. Even if Bayern Munich or Real Madrid win 4-0, they'd probably have created another 15-20 or so goal-scoring opportunities in that same match which they hadn't been able to convert. Generally a very small percentage of goal-scoring opportunities actually result in goals. Also as kids far more people aspire to be attacking players or forwards than defenders, defensive midfielders, goal-keepers etc, as those positions have more prestige, glory and glamour. So being one of the best attackers in the world is more impressive to me than being one of the best defenders, as an attacker would have beaten off more and tougher competition right from their school and junior days to get that far. Also, I think that generally a lot of attacking players would have found it easier to adapt to other positions than vice versa. For example I think that a lot of centre forwards like Drogba, Shearer etc could easily have become excellent centre-backs had they trained for it. However I think a lot of defensive players would have found it far more difficult to excel as attacking players. There will be exceptions to that hypothesis of course.
  9. Hugh Jass

    Cheick Tiote Passes Away Aged 30

    30 years old, just tragic news. RIP
  10. It's true that this current period of La Liga dominance of European competitions has been on another level to that of the Premier League a few years back, with their clubs scooping up so many titles, final appearances and semi-final appearances in both the Champions League and Europa League. I mean 6 different La Liga clubs have reached the semi-finals of the Europa League this decade (or in the last 8 years), which is just amazing. Last season they were pretty close to occupying all 4 European final places, with Villarreal winning the first leg of their Europa League semi-final against Liverpool before ultimately falling short at Anfield. There was an insane period where La Liga teams won something like 47 out of 50 two legged European ties against teams from other countries. A club like Levante have progressed further in the Europa League in recent years than numerous bigger and richer Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga clubs. And even more impressively, a lot of their success in European competitions has coincided with a period when the Spanish national team did so well and racked up trophies as well. For example in 2012, Atletico Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao in the Europa League final, both Barcelona and Real Madrid lost thrilling Champions League semi-finals (but they were considered to be the 2 best teams in Europe by a large distance) and the Spain NT won the European Championships. Spain's 2010 World Cup win came in the same season as Atletico won another Europa League title, and was sandwiched in-between 2 Champions League titles by Barcelona. When Serie A was the undisputed best league in the world, the Italian national team never won anything. And in 2007/2008 when 4 out of the Champions League quarter-finalists were from the Premier League, the England national team hadn't even qualified for that summer's European Championships.
  11. Hugh Jass

    Roma Have Mahrez Bid Rejected

    Well Mahrez was 14 times cheaper than Kante for Leicester (£400,000 vs. £5.6 million). And his contribution wasn't just in the title winning season in 2015/2016 like Kante's, but also in the promotion season in 2013/2014, the great escape in 2014/2015 and in the Champions League adventure this season. So I would say that Mahrez is both the bigger Leicester legend and the bigger bargain. Signing a flair player who created and scored so many goals and got the fans on the edge of their seats for that cheap was just an insanely good piece of business.
  12. Yes those poor Juve fans that were injured in Turin. A crazy situation all around with the false alarm and then the panic and evacuation. Crazy to think that Juve have lost 5 finals in a row in this competition. To be fair in 2015 and 2017 they were the clear underdogs against far more expensively assembled squads with significantly higher wage bills. The 2003 final against Milan was probably close to 50-50 with Nedved suspended (despite the final league positions), and in 1997 and 1998 they were the heavy favourites. Real Madrid certainly deserve a lot of credit for their sheer relentlessness and efficiency in this competition over the past few years. In the past 4 years, they have won the same number of Champions League titles (3) as Man Utd have won in their entire history, and more than Juventus have won in theirs. In the past 20 years, they have won more Champions League titles (6) than Barcelona, Bayern or Liverpool have won in each of their entire histories.
  13. Hugh Jass

    Roma Have Mahrez Bid Rejected

    A Leicester City legend and one of the biggest transfer bargains in Premier League history. Good luck to him wherever he goes next.
  14. Hugh Jass


    It probably won't happen, and Nadal is looking too strong on this surface at the moment, but this would be a great time for the Stanimal to re-appear again. I would love it if he continued this current streak of red-lining and winning one grand slam each year. He beat Fognini pretty convincingly yesterday. The all French 3rd round battle between Monfils and Gasquet sounds intriguing. I will try to catch it when it resumed today. I find Monfils both exciting and frustrating to watch. His athleticism is incredible and he makes some retrievals and hits winners from the most impossible positions on the court. But then again with his size and power, he should play far more aggressively than he tends to do.
  15. Hugh Jass

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    Preston have signed the striker Sean Maguire from Cork City. It wouldn't surprise me if we sign more players from the League of Ireland this summer. We always send scouts to identify and watch the most talented young players there. An interesting and potentially exciting signing for us at a pretty cheap price. I'm certainly happy with it. From the very little footage that I've seen him, he seems to be in the David Healy mould of strikers and he was excellent for us before he left for Leeds.