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  1. ficklered

    North West of England Natives Only Thread

    Not North West so we don't care No, but everything South of Manchester is over-inflated!
  2. ficklered

    North West of England Natives Only Thread

    At last a real thread...
  3. ficklered

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Question... Does that include the Irish & the Scots? Rebuild the wall
  4. Not very I'd imagine. Would interfere with their quest for the Prem 4th place trophy...
  5. ficklered

    Something that might surprise us about you

    Well played sir, well played.
  6. ficklered

    Something that might surprise us about you

    It's not the water. I still blame a mixture of Taibi, Djemba-Djemba & David Moyes... definately enough to make anyone tear their hair out.
  7. Damn that made my sides hurt! Really subjective topic this, there have been so many class players who deserve a mention, it's also a generational thing. Most younger people won't think of the likes Eusébio or even Trautmann who was not only a great keeper of his generation but also completed a game with a broken neck! Be interesting to see who's on there...
  8. ficklered

    Something that might surprise us about you

    Negative space is a bit of a trend. Used to have one on my upper arm, got a cover up done (a stylised Borneo rose) a couple of years ago...
  9. ficklered

    A Third Of Fans Watch Illegal Streams

    Really easy to set up kodi etc. on a Firestick, just not much point now. Haven't used mine since the end of last season. Switched to streaming as I was sick of sky and their exorbitant prices. And Gary Neville.
  10. ficklered

    Something that might surprise us about you

    That's a tad more extreme than mine!
  11. ficklered

    Something that might surprise us about you

    As a new member I'll take this opportunity to give you all some insight into my mentality. - I used to have hair down to my arse, due to the evil of male pattern baldness I now have my head shaved. - I've shared beer and cigarettes with Blaze Bailey, back in his Wolfsbane days. - At 6' 2" with my shaved head, long goatee, many tattoos and piercings I look like a dodgy rock club doorman. - I hate Vauxhall astras. Literally. - I haven't had an alcoholic drink for over 13 years... Cats are awesome. Thank you.
  12. ficklered

    Playstation/Xbox Username/Gamertags

    ficklered on both PS4 & Xbox, I like to keep things simple Have Fifa 17 on both PES 17 on PS. Big Forza fan too, also looking forward to Destiny 2 (pre-ordered for PS4) Feel free to add...
  13. ficklered

    Rate the band above you

    Pantera were class, saw them many years ago, wish I'd had more chances to since. Walk is still one of my faves, something about the driving rhythm just gets the blood pumping. Anthrax
  14. His ineptitude in relation to betting is no reason to let the idiot have chance to play again. He's had more warnings and suspensions for behaviour related issues than any normal, well balanced thug. I just don't get why the FA haven't just told him to fuck off to China for his football and to never darken our doors again. He's a liability, a tool and unwanted in the footballing world.
  15. ficklered

    Donald Trump

    That's okay, he'd only spell it wrong in a tweet to redress the balance. At the current rate it's gonna be damn uncomfortable to wipe you arse...