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  1. It’s just an islamophobia trope, the people that say shit like ‘Iranians are converting to Christianity’ are just saying that to give their own religion moral superiority and to give a justification to whatever anti-Islam ideals they hold. Even I know that Christianity is so minor in the history of Iran that I wouldn’t be surprised of there are more Mazdayasnas and that is nearly a dead religion. Let’s go for it, lets get some secular Zoroastrians, I’m on board with big bonfires and sky burials, that’s metal as fuck - the sister rooting can stay with the Sassanids though.
  2. The only people that think there are millions of Christians in Iran are cooked youtubers and their viewers.
  3. Spike


    I love the dichotomy of wrestling fans, those that eat everything up, and those that just sit at home hating on everything because they have diabetes or some shit, both so cringe yet so different.
  4. I really don’t care for this sort of shit. Anyone that thinks food is a static idea that can’t or shouldn’t change with the people, ingredients, location, and times is just a food fascist masturbating to themselves on the idea of what something ‘should be’, it’s the same as people that bully or shame food based on their class, culture, or religion. Yeah, American cafes butcher the flat white coffee, who gives a shit? It’s all just a variation, extrapolation, riff, modification of something else. You want food purity? Go eat some unprocessed grains and a hunk or burnt meat in a cave. I do agree it sucks paying money for a shitty facsimile.
  5. Spike

    Wisdom Teeth

    No, but I think they have bad decay. My oral health isn't great but not as bad as others.
  6. I think evangelical over protestant would be even more appropriate.
  7. Spike


    Wasn’t there another soundtrack that just whispered ‘kwisatz haderach’ every time it was mentioned?
  8. Spike


    Haha yeah the sardukar intro scene was rad and hype. The ‘ooooooh bene gesseriiit aaaah bene gesseriiit’ however wasn’t
  9. Spike


    I think the first was way hornier for desaturation, I think the colours popped a bit more for the second BUT I was stoned in imax so maybe it’s just the nature of TV versus IMAX. Even the monotone geidi prime fucken popped in black and white. I also think the first used the soundtrack more awkwardly, I laughed out loud when the ship slowly emerged from the water and it blasted distorted bass, fucken hell Hans. The scene with the diagetic bagpipes fighting the soundtrack was also stupid.
  10. Spike


    Yeah there are issues, lots of weird pacing and plot points dropped, but the books are weird, too weird to be adapted properly, like the Duke Fenreng that communicates in a second language of ‘ah aaaah ah’. Also the issues are less apparent when you drink a bunch and get really high, like me. Explosions go boom, haha the SPICE shall flow. Honestly they did a lot really well, and I’m glad they didn’t go exposition heavy, some changes were good but ultimately we read the books so we have an different POV than the casual audience. I think the second was better than the first, mainly because there are parts of the first that make me laugh out loud, and the first hour is Villenueve desaturating colour on everything until the thopter scene .
  11. @Dr. GonzoThis is as much as you’ll get from the west, which is a start but I’d like to see more from Albo, Wong however is right. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/apr/03/zomi-frankcom-death-anthony-albanese-australia-outrage-benjamin-netanyahu
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