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  1. Just hope he can replicate this level and the one he had with Betis for the NT, will be vital for us.
  2. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    I'm saying A too.
  3. Seems like a good idea for them, the big boys from there will be able to compete in the UCL and EL with less of a disadvantage compared to the top 4 leagues deriving from a stronger financial position.
  4. Berserker

    Yannick Carrasco to Crystal Palace

    Goals and assists, i meant either a goal or assist every two matches or very nearly that.
  5. Berserker

    Yannick Carrasco to Crystal Palace

    If he can regain the level he had at Atletico then he would be by far their best winger and top 10 or near, very few wingers can manage almost a goal/assist every two matches for two seasons straight in the top leagues.
  6. Berserker

    Yannick Carrasco to Crystal Palace

    He was good at some point, could regain his level.
  7. Berserker

    Yannick Carrasco to Crystal Palace

    This'd be a class signing. Potentially top 10 winger in the world.
  8. Berserker

    Would you rather...Football Version

    Sign for them, play for a while and then move, just take it as a job, don't even need to celebrate goals. Would you rather be a starter for a 2nd division side (that is not the one you support) or be a bench warmer for a run of the mill first division team that is also not the one you support?
  9. Berserker

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Yep. I'm a visionary.
  10. Berserker

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Yeah, it'd be pretty difficult, mainly in the US, Western Europe, Oceania and Asia, but a start should be prohibiting flights and cruises specially to China for the time being. They would have to use huge spaces and something like medical tents seen on horror movies.
  11. Berserker

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Well in that case i'm sorry for that people but anyone who has travelled to areas at risk recently has to be quarantined until fully clear, it may be harsh on them but the consequences could be much worse.
  12. Berserker

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Need to make exhaustive checks to all the people travelling to those areas and going back to their countries to avoid a pandemic.
  13. Berserker

    Merconorte vs Mercosur

    That's because you're putting Tagliafico, who is a class LB as a RB, and Foyth who is primarily a CB as LB.
  14. Berserker

    Members Pictures

    If i had to guess he's about the same height as me, 6'0 give or take a few cms, the girl is about 1,55-60.
  15. Berserker

    Members Pictures

    Have to try that thing, heard it's good.