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  1. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    Haha, no, the Lee sounded more like Chinese, i've heard of Natashas, and Natalias but never of Neta-Lees. And Hershlag seemed German to me not Jewish.
  2. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    Then i have no clue, can't think of any other actress with weird names.
  3. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    Yeah don't know why they nicknamed her that haha. Hale Berry?
  4. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    Nicki Minaj?
  5. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    Queen Latifah?
  6. Berserker

    Leeds Fined £200k For Spy-Gate

    It's outraging yeah, you should sue the fuck out of those cunts.
  7. Berserker

    2021 Confederations Cup Hosts

    Doesn't Jordan have a very similar weather as Qatar?
  8. Yeah Sarri never changes shit, always like for like subs.
  9. That was a pen on Rudiger.
  10. Ran out of windows to lick mate?
  11. Berserker

    Militant Veganism

    I will never be a vegan or vegetarian no matter what they do or say, and if they try to force that upon me then i'm gonna force my throbbing meat into their mouths and convert them back.
  12. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    Yeah that explains it.
  13. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    Physically that would only affect the colour of your skin, but you look way more Indian than Kenyan. Shintoism.
  14. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    Fuck, delete these repeated messages, it was glitched.
  15. Berserker

    Trivia Thread

    Revelation of the day! You don't look sub-Saharan though.