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  1. Berserker

    Ben Chilwell to Manchester City?

    I don't even know who that is and they rate him at 50M.
  2. Berserker

    The Holiday Thread

    Argentine meat is the best in the world, if it's genuine you'll love it. No for sure not this month and most likely not next year, but a few years.
  3. Berserker

    The Holiday Thread

    They were amazed when you showed them the Spanish i taught you weren't they bro? Just wait a few years and we'll do a super trip round Europe with a few lads from here like Eurotrip, thinking December/January would be a good date.
  4. Berserker

    2018 Post of the Year - NOMINATIONS

    I vote for Blue's statement on Salah not being African.
  5. Berserker

    Copa Libertadores 2019

    We can win this one too!
  6. Berserker

    Yaya Touré Leaves Olympiakos

    I heard he demanded a cake and they gave him a yogurt instead, he immediately stormed out and never came back.
  7. Let's have the Liverpool fans wear masks of @Marc as the icing on the cake.
  8. Give this man the post of the year award
  9. You jerk off CR7 and keep throwing shit at Barcelona, what's that then hijito mio?
  10. This coming from the Real Madrid, Manchester United, Boca Juniors and América de Mexico's fan.
  11. I'm sorry to burst your bubble of retardedness but our bus also got attacked by voka's fans in the first leg, the only difference is that by chance no players were noticeably injured. Don't make me laugh, we were clearly robbed, clear penalty and Pablo Perez should have been sent off in the first half, not to mention our other starting striker got carded unfairly in the last play of the first game and couldn't play this leg because of it. The rape that was this match and the fact these hijos de puta of the bosteros never ascended to the first division legally like us and all the other teams (they did it thanks to a decree, in concordance with all their corrupt history) will also exist forever.
  12. But it's the truth hijito mio, and you also were spouting a lot of shit on the Libertadores thread so for that and the victory you deserve some stick.
  13. Don't you find it ironic to keep calling him a midget when you're probably shorter than him?
  14. Berserker

    2018 Member of the Year - NOMINATIONS

    You have the time to write a book pretty much every 2 out of 3 posts you make but not to do your own member's opinions?, cmon mate..