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  1. Of course you dumb bitch, i'm fucking indestructible! Surprised you're back too. Thanks! Vaccine, but only Moderna or Pfizer, never understood people afraid of getting vacced (not anti-vax ppl but being afraid of the pain), never been the case for me.
  2. Never! i'd make you or anyone my bitch to do all that shit for me before that , but you're right that i don't have time for fucking anything right now. Thanks Rucks, yeah, all is fine, just been and still am extremely busy like i said. Thanks guys!
  3. Never heard of them, trap is becoming very famous as of late here perhaps you'd like it as it's derived from hip-hop.
  4. I'll send a hitman for that deluded ape!
  5. Been very busy, likely won't comeback till at least the WC.
  6. Neither did i. No worries Chris. I agree, we mainly excell at Rock Nacional, pop, cumbia, tango and local folklore but it's truth there's been a huge rise in music like "trap" by the likes of Paulo Londra and other, which i guess you could call that hip hop?
  7. Jajaja esa cancion era muy escuchada hara 15 años, pero era de Los Gedes me parece jaja.
  8. Berserker

    Off Topic

    Lmao, i'd laugh for a bit and then help him down if hadn't shit himself, in this situation i'd do the former and then call 911 for him to get help.
  9. It's worth it trust me. Yeah, seems pretty accurate. I finished lost in less than 2 months and it's like 120 ep, when it's fun time just flies.
  10. Awesome collection Chris, not much of a book reader myself (haven't got the patience) but i have seen a TV series named El Patron Del Mal which is about the Medellin cartel, it's pretty good, you should give it a watch too, i'm gonna rewatch it from the start when i can as i catched midway i think, definitely recommend it.
  11. Berserker

    Off Topic

    What the hell happened with Brian?, where is the thread?, when did it happen?
  12. The Iguazu falls are located for the most part in Argentina, specially the best part of it. Garganta del Diablo, the falls with the biggest flow in the world.
  13. Strangely i never got this notification you had quoted me mate. And yeah that sounds more like it, being on vacation you spend like 3x more money than you normally would on the same amount of days.
  14. Berserker

    TF365 Memes

    Was this based on a recent event?, if so, i would like a link. Post of the year right here.
  15. Lol they use it wrongly, overly exaggerated, for example "es para vos" it's okay but not "es de vos", "es tuyo/suyo" would be the correct phrase.
  16. It's called voseo, look it up, and that's surprising, didn't know some ppl spoke like that in Peru.
  17. Yeah, and many other Central Americans and Caribbeans also use voseo and it sounds equally bad haha.
  18. Yes they do, but they sound weird with their accent haha. Well they are indeed dangerous compared to say many Asian or European countries, but it's true that for example in England stabbings are not so strange now and in many countries in Europe there is the risk of potential terrorist attacks where that is much less likely in Southern America. Wow 3K pounds a months? you earning that well mate?; i thought that was a pretty good wage over there in the UK; and much more in most countries in Europe; i thought many ppl on the UK were on much lower wages from what many of the forum lads have said over the years, something like 1,5k or less than 2k per month.
  19. Well you wouldn't have to worry about police here, they don't do that to tourists, only taxis in the airport would try to scam you, but that's easily avoidable, just take a remis, cabify or beat. And they wouldn't know you're a tourist unless you start speaking Dutch or something with other people haha. But yeah Colombia must be better than in the past, so i wish you have a hell of a time mate. Make good use of those Spanish classes i gave you and pick up some girls with our awesome and sexy Argentine accent and slang.
  20. Haha hope you have a great time bro, but if you choose Colombia then be very careful given you've discarded Mexico and Brazil for being dangerous i think, Colombia isn't different. There must be some places that are supposedly less dangerous than others, ask locals before you go and stay within those places and specific neighbours. That about carrying 2 cellphones is a great idea, just have a shitty one (but not too much so the robbing cunts don't think you're taking the piss out of them) to hand in case you're robbed and hide the actual one in your underwear or something.
  21. I doubt it man, you already hit the peak (or so they say) whilst all we are doing is stretching the inevitable.
  22. Aren't you out of lockdown already?, or at least it's pretty lax there.
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