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  1. Neither did i. No worries Chris. I agree, we mainly excell at Rock Nacional, pop, cumbia, tango and local folklore but it's truth there's been a huge rise in music like "trap" by the likes of Paulo Londra and other, which i guess you could call that hip hop?
  2. @ me, you cumguzzling, cocksucking, cumlicking, ass-bandit, ash-snorting aussie cunt. Actually it was the complete opposite, that's like saying you're German. Gonz outscored Ronnie and Benz playing less minutes than them when they arrived at Madrid and with them taking pens and him not. Regarding Serie A, he holds the record for the most goals in one season ever in the league and had an outstanding record overall, in a league in which both fat and new Ronaldo played, Batistuta, Ibrahivimovic, Crespo, Shevchenko, Inzaghi, Etoo, Milito, Kluivert, Van Basten, Trezeguet, Lukaku, Cavani and many other top strikers play/played and he bettered them all, so according to you they're all shit, very logical and smart thinking and reasoning indeed.
  3. Jajaja esa cancion era muy escuchada hara 15 años, pero era de Los Gedes me parece jaja.
  4. Boca is shit they stole the league from us but they've been shit from for more than 10 years.
  5. That looks fucking digusting, like a fucking slug, i wouldn't touch that with my hand even if you promised me i could catch a white whale.
  6. Good, definitely does a great job. Now that i think about it i think they referenced Tim Vickery once, that's a A Good evening to you Mr Elephant, so minus points for that.
  7. He's very good, very objective and unbiased like Vito and other commentators i've heard in Espn, i don't think i remember hearing any dumbasses there.
  8. Berserker

    Off Topic

    Lmao, i'd laugh for a bit and then help him down if hadn't shit himself, in this situation i'd do the former and then call 911 for him to get help.
  9. It's worth it trust me. Yeah, seems pretty accurate. I finished lost in less than 2 months and it's like 120 ep, when it's fun time just flies.
  10. Awesome collection Chris, not much of a book reader myself (haven't got the patience) but i have seen a TV series named El Patron Del Mal which is about the Medellin cartel, it's pretty good, you should give it a watch too, i'm gonna rewatch it from the start when i can as i catched midway i think, definitely recommend it.
  11. Probably the most kicked player of all times by far, and for free which is the worst, they wanted to chop him down because there was no way they were stopping him otherwise. If it wasn't for that probably would have won us 82 WC too , he even played the whole 90 WC injured, legendary.
  12. Q.E.P.D Diego. Didn't like you as a person but it's undeniable how talented you were, how much you gave to the country and that you were the best ever and twice a World Champion if it weren't for football's mafias. Very sad day.
  13. Of course it does, watching any sport without fans is far from the real thing. It's actually becoming hard for me to watch the teams i like in empty stadiums, no emotion, no passion at all, it's boring really. Specially on here where the atmosphere is half of the game, takes away all the epicness. I fondly remember the 2015 Libertadores final, rain pouring down like Poseidon had set his sight on El Monumental, our fans signing like crazy, goals that fit the venue, it was perfect. Without fans wouldn't have been nearly the same, even the 2018 final in Madrid was lame when it comes to epicness and atmosphere compared to it and some other matches like it due to not being hosted here despite the importance of the result because of the rival and rivalry.
  14. Berserker


    Have a happy Diwali lads.
  15. Yeah it's probably like that mate. Yep, the yanks are the biggest market and then Europe, from Spain it goes to the richer countries, your NL, UK, GER, etc.
  16. Berserker

    El Chapo

    There is one about Monzon which is good from what i heard, there are also documentaries about Guillermo Vilas, Fangio and others. Not sure if they're on Netflix, but Los Simuladores is an Argentine series i'd fully recommend, my favourite of all time in fact, there is also El Jardin De Bronce from HBO which is recent and very good too. I also like the Argentine version of Cuentame Como Paso.
  17. There are a lot of em, there's the Italian, Spanish and Brazilian too, at least they show them here. Yeah, you'll find very, very few Argentines doing that, but Colombians, Brazilians, etc, it's full, and then because of that they put innocent people from these countries under a lot of scrutiny in the airports because of the suspicions .
  18. Berserker

    El Chapo

    I will when i have the chance for sure bro. I have another streaming service from Claro, not as good as Netflix but it has some good shit too, just finishing up Lost that i hadn't had the chance to watch from scratch on TV before. Yeah youtube has some nice documentaries among the pile of shit that's also there. Good thing about your Spanish, just set your series on Spanish and you're done mate!
  19. Caught Abroad (i love that show) or Airport Alert?
  20. You have some cheek! Has your mark all over it, just another of your famous Halloween night outs!
  21. Si seguro, como en todos los paises que tienen parte del Amazonas, eso debe estar espectacular salvo por las arañas y esas mierdas jaja. Claro, totalmente Chris. E-Commerce, algunas inversiones. Tecnicamente Ecuador la tiene ya que estan dolarizados jaja, sino el real brasilero es el que mas se acerca al dolar aunque tambien se ha devulado bastante en estos ultimos 2 años aunque ni cerca como nuestro peso.
  22. Berserker

    El Chapo

    Nah mate, haven't had netflix since like 5 or 6 years when i sold my last led which had netflix on it because the skin tones looked too reddish, i bought a panny plasma which supposedly had equally good or better blacks than my led's which were excellent and it was advertised as having netflix, turns out the blacks weren't as good as when it first came out and it only had netflix for a few years then the motherfuckers removed it. And it's been a long time since i don't like watching series on my pc anymore, i used to before but now i don't like it haha.
  23. Jaja yo confio en los guardaespaldas. 0 preocupacion je. Mira vos, si, viajar al trabajo es un asco, por eso yo prefiero siempre mudarme cerca del trabajo, siempre que sea un trabajo permanente por su puesto, sino te quita demasiado tiempo. Esta bueno eso chabon, siempre es bueno tener alternativas, aparte es otro rubro en el que no tenes que desgastar ni ensuciar las manos. Nada nuevo, salvo que la cotizacion del dolar alternativo bajo como Ar$20 esta semana y me re cago porque yo estaba esperando que subiese por lo menos $5 mas que lucia muy probable para vender ya que tengo no tengo pesos solo dolares y si vendo ahora pierdo bastante plata asi que estoy esperando que vuelva a subir jaja.
  24. Si, tienen minas lindas, un clima espectacular en algunos lados y es barato, pero es ultra peligroso si, el que mas. Por eso considere lo de los guardaespaldas ya que el sueldo minimo es una miseria como te dije, probablemente el mas bajo del mundo y por eso por lo menos financieramente seria muy barato.
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