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  1. Everton will be relegated in the next five years.

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    2. football forum


      I think they'll be fine - there'll constantly be a stream of 3 teams that will be shitter than them. A mixture of proverbial PL turds that won't flush and promoted teams.


    3. football forum


      @Stan you say that as if they are a well run club. All it takes is a few bad incidents and they are in deep water. What if Richarlison's ACL exlpodes and he misses and entire season?

    4. football forum


      Then it may be a bit more of a tight-run thing. They're not the worst-run club in the league and they're far from the best. I suspect with an experienced manager like Ancelotti at the club they won't throw stupid amounts of money around for several players and actually have some direction and purpose about their transfer business. I get what you're saying but they're the kind of club that will somehow pluck out a few results when it matters but just be mediocre throughout the rest of the season, as opposed to totally shit like Norwich.

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