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  1. Idk, to m mind could easily play a guy like Rice as a holder and have a duo like Mount and Bellignham or Bellingham or anyone else ahead of him. As for a progressive defense, they have possibly the most creative RB in Europe and a semi-regular goalscorer in Ben Chillwell. John Stones is a proven CB in a possession system and Tomori is one of the fastest defenders out there as well as being technically solid. The only thing is, it would require a strong commitment to a progressive system and a degree of balls to play these players as opposed the usual suspects.
  2. As of today I'm officially a solicitor. Only took the 8 years.
  3. Any Napoli midfielder instantly improves Liverpool.
  4. We have outplayed Madrid for 20 minutes. Whatever degree of battering happens next, I will take it.
  5. It's certainly a kinda shit position to be in, having had a transfer window like Leicester had, but a manager like Rodgers stands very little chance of dealing with it well.
  6. He's got some degree of ability as a coach but not nearly as much as he thinks he does, which fundamentally wrecks his decision making and makes him painfully unadaptable. Add on being a fairly weird and even repugnant personality and it's not a recipe for long term success.
  7. I'd say I used to be but I these days I think I am a relatively good eater. I used to have a complete aversion to certain foods (all kinds of beans, peas, sweetcorn). I mean, I literally couldn't bring myself to try them, and I would find it hard to eat other things if they were on my plate. Nowadays I am over pretty much all of that (apart from with sweetcorn). I like a few types of beans/legumes (mostly paler beans like chickpeas or cannellini, etc) but not kidney beans or black beans so much, although I will eat them if I have to. Again, I can eat peas now, but don't enjoy them. I can sit in pretty much any kind of restaurant and eat almost anything on any menu, so by definition I'd say I'm not a picky eater.
  8. A Runescape premium subscription. I remember nervously trying to explain to my mum why I needed her card for a £5 payment, and assuring her that it was totally safe online.
  9. Genuinely never felt as vindicated about anything in my life as saying 4/5 years ago that De Gea wasn't world class. A bit depressing, but I'll take it.
  10. Me and the girlfriend are booked in for a two-week holiday in August. One week in Munich and then a week in Strasbourg.
  11. Seems like a nice fit on the left side of a 3.
  12. Yeah tbh my way of writing German is probably a pretty good approximation of how I speak. It's just that when speaking, you can hide things much more easily. For example it would be easier to gloss over not knowing the past tense of "verstehen". But I've never had to write anything in German really, since I never did lessons. Once I got far enough to read books and follow most conversations I kinda gave up on improving any further.
  13. Ich war in Deutschland for ein Paar Stunde, ein Woche vor. Ich war auf Urlaub in Spanien und ich hatte ein Flug aus Frankfurt, inzwischen Barcelona und Edinburgh. Mein Deutsch ist unglaublich schlimm, so es war ein Uberasschung dass ein oder zwei Deutschen hat mir versteht, seit es hat so lang gewesen seit ich Deutsch gesprochen haben. Ich und meine Freundin gehen nach Munchen im Herbst, und ich will nicht ein Arsch aus mich selbst zu machen, so vielleicht ich solle probieren mein Deutsch zu verbessern.
  14. Fucking hell he brought another CB on at 3-0 down and went 4-0 down.
  15. It has just occurred to me that Steve Clark and Gareth Southgate are pretty much the same manager.
  16. When you think about Liverpools struggles to score a goal in major finals, it does make you wonder how indispensable the "key" forwards really are. Salah and Mane have been incredible in the last few years but they just don't look the same on the big stage as the likes of Benzema. I think Liverpools system and coaching can turn a lot of hard working, quality forwards from the top 6 of a big league into another similar level of player.
  17. Seems to be a matter of whether you believe two deflections in a row can happen or whether you suddenly re-define a deflection as a deliberate play if more than one happens in a row.
  18. Considering how often there's been chaos at Ligue 1 games this season and trouble at Premier League fixtures, the common denominator seems obvious.
  19. I honestly thought he was still at Monaco. I seem to recall he was doing alight for a time.
  20. If it's 5 subs in regular time you may as well take a punt on fitness if at all possible. I remember in 2014 Atleti started Costa and he had to come off almost straight away which was a bit of a punch in the gut.
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