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  1. I don't think I even understand the commercial sense (from the manufacturer's POV) of advertising with a football club. Is some defence minister in a foreign country going to tune into a Dortmund game and think "maybe we should give these Rheinmetall guys a go"?
  2. It does seem to be a consistent thing that when northern European teams go up against latin teams there's a fundamental unfairness. Any challenge or jockeying from the side/rear against a player on the latin team will instantly result in a dive and a yellow card against the northern team. Meanwhile the latin team is free to pressure and come through the back of the opposition because they're not going to roll around and force the referee to give a foul.
  3. I suppose if you leave at the end of a contract, you are leaving when both parties initially agreed you would. Still sounds weird phrasing it as "mutual consent" which I would normally interpret as agreeing a settlement to end the contract early.
  4. Another wasted 5 on 3 counter from Liverpool. These Liverpool attacks are just shocking in terms of final decisions. Against United they suddenly start playing like it's an exhibition match and forget they actually need to win.
  5. From now on, the only question which should be asked of any figure in British politics about the Gazan war is "how many British lives are Israel's war goals worth?" Because for most, it is evidently more than 3, and I think the British public deserve to know which of their leaders think their lives are expendable for the sake of Israeli objectives.
  6. Judging from this game, I don't think the complaint about Gakpo is that he is a stupid player, or technically shit. It's more that his whole playstyle just seems totally wrong for what he's being asked to do. That's why he looks worse than random youth players. All else being equal, of course he is a better player than them, but he doesn't have the same intensity. He looks like he would fit better in Spain or Italy.
  7. Gakpo looks so far off the rest of that Liverpool team (youth players included) its unreal.
  8. Poor from Fernandes. Got to keep his head second half but he's looking aggravated. United could have scored one or two more and been comfortable but they've just fallen apart a bit near the end of the half.
  9. I wonder if a player dodging a stonewall sending-off for diving and then scoring the winner will generate as much media buzz as a contentious restart.
  10. I can't believe how a team that has absolutely 0 flair is somehow catastrophically open defensively at the same time. Like surely if you're playing a bunch of championship jobbers you can at least run about a bit and be solid.
  11. Rashford followed a world class goal with honestly one of the worst performances I can remember seeing from a forward. Seems to sum him up, largely.
  12. There's no other manager in the world who wins that final, in those circumstances. That's the difference between a historic manager and someone like Poch.
  13. Chelsea are being invited to beat up a corpse that's being propped up for them and it's somehow been a fairly even fight.
  14. I have never seen that given before, ever. This match is compromised.
  15. It's going exactly how Poch would want it. Snap a couple more people before half time, beat Liverpool's U21s in the second half/extra time.
  16. The amount of tactical fouling and Poch's comments about the refs and Klopp seem to suggest that Chelsea's gameplan is counting on soft officiating.
  17. There is something mentally off with Arsenal. How is this 1-1 at half time and not like 3 or 4-nil?
  18. Chilwell looked all over the place for that goal. Way too tight for Jota for no reason and then goes to ground again. Might be bailed out by VAR though.
  19. Two or three dangerous losses of possession and now a yellow for diving. Chilwell not looking up to speed at all so far.
  20. I had forgotten that Nagelsmann was Germany coach. Wonder if he could be tempted back into club football aftert the Euros? He seems like he would be a good fit.
  21. 2-0. That is properly getting your pants pulled down.
  22. Goal. It's almost kind of like you could feel it coming. Liverpool have gradually worked themselves in all game, Arsenal have gotten more and more tetchy, Liverpool finally started making big chances, and eventually took one. Amateurish from Arsenal, to be honest. Still time to equalise, but never have been in this position.
  23. Bit of a paddling here for Liverpool so far, but still 0-0 somehow.
  24. It seems like Arsenal have leant into the old cliche of "defence wins titles" and totally wrecked their style of play in the belief that its more sustainable to constantly grind out results than to blow teams away. But I don't think that's how you win the league these days.
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