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  1. Inverted

    Away goals rule

    I like it, but could maybe agree that extra time is flawed because the away side gets 30 more minutes to scare away goals, but being at home in the second leg is a big advantage for the other side. It balances out in my opinion, and makes for more interesting ties.
  2. Inverted

    Powerful Pictures

    I like this image of Golda Meir and Anwar Saddat sharing a joke when their countries had been at war just a couple of years before.
  3. I think it's unfair to say not winning the CL is a failure, but I definitely think its fair to start questioning a manager when their team is consistently knocked out in the same circumstances. Guardiola seems to go for control and security away, and then play open back-and-forth games at home. Which is exactly the opposite of what good knockout teams these days do. The result is regular failure to score away, consistently conceding goals at home, and constantly being placed in an uphill battle trying to overcome an away goals disadvantage.
  4. Even if it touched his arm, his arm was within his silhouette so it's not handball, and it hit his thigh last so he didn't score with his arm.
  5. Obviously didn't expect it to turn out exactly like this but I was confused why everyone seemed to be brushing off how bad City were at Spurs. I thought it was a huge deal for them at the time. City went negative away from home and it's cost them disastrously two years in a row. And Guardiola has been fucked by the away goals rule basically 6 years in a row now. At Bayern he consistently failed to score away from home, and at City he's had a high-scoring clusterfuck win against Monaco which came back to haunt them, and then two more years of drawing blanks away from home in the first leg.
  6. It's a disaster for stubborn managers who have no idea of the tactical ramifications of it, yeah.
  7. I'm honestly pretty buzzed with whoever wins the thing now. All really amazing stories and deserved winners.
  8. Honestly surprised at how buzzing I am for Poch. Deserves a big moment like this so much.
  9. That's fucking shocking from Eriksen. Unforgivable. BUT HES BEEN SAVED BY VAR. This is one of the best games I've ever seen.
  10. His arms are folded inward and his elbows are tucked in how can you possibly rule that out. Im not even sure it touches his arms at all anyway.
  11. They've went from losing the tie to winning the tie though, so I'd say they're much better off now
  12. The horrible stick or twist of whether to bank on this game staying mental for 90 minutes, or switch channels hoping something happens in Porto. Edit 3-2 I'll stay on this actually
  13. Park the bus away. Bat shit crazy attacking at home. Do City understand the away goals rule?