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  1. From whatever Liverpool games I've seen this season, it honestly feels like Van Dijk is getting a connection from basically every corner but Liverpool are hardly ever converting it into goals.
  2. There does seem to be a weird trend amongst footballers of "sharing" women between them. There seems to be a select group of women within each footballers network who basically are the go-to for casual sex. You would think that as an impossibly rich and physically fit young man it would be easy enough to find an age-appropriate girl on their own without having her borderline pimped-out to you by a mate.
  3. Milner is a weird one where at moments he doesn't look particularly over the hill. He has moments where he still seems to have a reasonable bit of pace, and his touches etc look sharp, but overall I don't expect it to last. Liverpool been much more competitive than I expected. I guess it bodes well that when it's a game like this and pride is really on the line they can still get somewhat near the levels of intensity they showed last season, it's just a matter of working out how you sustain that over an entire 90 minutes and then into consecutive games.
  4. Pretty much this. As very green solicitor I work a bit more than a lot of people I know who have nominally 9-5 jobs, but the effort-reward ratio makes it well worth it. Sometimes I log-in half an hour early to get a head start, most days I work on an hour or so, and sometimes log-in later in the evening at home to finish something that's on my mind. But mostly, I'd say I work about 45-50 hours a week on average, and I get paid more than a high school teacher, or an experienced nurse. People who actually are needed, and know what they're doing. And to emphasise, I don't work for a big, flashy prestigious firm that pays insanely well by legal-sector standards. I am very much in the middle of the field. And also to emphasise, I qualified a month ago and have basically no idea what I'm doing most of the time. You have targets to hit, sometimes there can be a week here or there which is insanely pressurised, sometimes things are tricky and make your head hurt, and if you make a mistake it can be terrifying. But mostly, if you're willing to put in a moderate amount of effort you are guaranteed a pretty comfy living. And if you are satisfied earning an above-average salary, you don't really need to devote your whole life to the job and get sucked into the office politics. But I guess that you get used to spending what comes in, or pride takes hold, and that's when people start going above and beyond to move up the ladder.
  5. Idk, to m mind could easily play a guy like Rice as a holder and have a duo like Mount and Bellignham or Bellingham or anyone else ahead of him. As for a progressive defense, they have possibly the most creative RB in Europe and a semi-regular goalscorer in Ben Chillwell. John Stones is a proven CB in a possession system and Tomori is one of the fastest defenders out there as well as being technically solid. The only thing is, it would require a strong commitment to a progressive system and a degree of balls to play these players as opposed the usual suspects.
  6. As of today I'm officially a solicitor. Only took the 8 years.
  7. Any Napoli midfielder instantly improves Liverpool.
  8. We have outplayed Madrid for 20 minutes. Whatever degree of battering happens next, I will take it.
  9. It's certainly a kinda shit position to be in, having had a transfer window like Leicester had, but a manager like Rodgers stands very little chance of dealing with it well.
  10. He's got some degree of ability as a coach but not nearly as much as he thinks he does, which fundamentally wrecks his decision making and makes him painfully unadaptable. Add on being a fairly weird and even repugnant personality and it's not a recipe for long term success.
  11. I'd say I used to be but I these days I think I am a relatively good eater. I used to have a complete aversion to certain foods (all kinds of beans, peas, sweetcorn). I mean, I literally couldn't bring myself to try them, and I would find it hard to eat other things if they were on my plate. Nowadays I am over pretty much all of that (apart from with sweetcorn). I like a few types of beans/legumes (mostly paler beans like chickpeas or cannellini, etc) but not kidney beans or black beans so much, although I will eat them if I have to. Again, I can eat peas now, but don't enjoy them. I can sit in pretty much any kind of restaurant and eat almost anything on any menu, so by definition I'd say I'm not a picky eater.
  12. A Runescape premium subscription. I remember nervously trying to explain to my mum why I needed her card for a £5 payment, and assuring her that it was totally safe online.
  13. Genuinely never felt as vindicated about anything in my life as saying 4/5 years ago that De Gea wasn't world class. A bit depressing, but I'll take it.
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