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  1. To be fair to Arsenal, the fact that they approach every game like they're already a man down makes them better prepared for this than anyone.
  2. You can watch basically any Arsenal match against a newly promoted side and without background knowledge, it would be impossible to say which side was in the championship last season, and which is a European-level squad.
  3. Inverted

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2020/nov/18/jeremy-corbyn-refused-labour-whip-despite-having-suspension-lifted I am clapping and crying in relief now that Sir Keith has shown he is willing to intervene so rigourously in the party disciplinary process to punish Jeremy Corbyn for his failure to prevent political intervention in the party disciplinary process.
  4. Inverted

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    First time I've ever seen us qualify for something. Its a funny feeling.
  5. Inverted

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    They're raging, the genocidal bastarts. Get on the plane before VAR recalls it.
  6. Inverted

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    I really dont want to see McBurnie coming on for 20 minutes just to jog about, miscontrol easy passes, and lose headers anymore.
  7. Inverted

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    I'm not even surprised. It was so obviously coming because Serbia have been atrocious all game.
  8. Felt like Liverpool were missing a midfield for most of the second half. Having players like Fabinho and Thiago available to bring on might have helped them to stay more on top of the game once City had settled and started to slow the pace down.
  9. All the right ideas and effort from Firmino, but if you're being brutally honest, absolutely nothing has worked for him today.
  10. This joker is meant to be ahead of Jordan Henderson smh
  11. City players seem to be in this habit where they call for a borderline decision, like you just do out of habit but without any real expectation, but then if they don't get it they take it mentally as if it was a stonewaller, and lose their heads for a few moments.
  12. Dancing to Killing in the Name of, wrapped in a Blue Lives Matter flag, is the perfect distillation of the sheer meaninglessness of modern Republican ideology.
  13. Yes it's also partly the fact that all of the states needed to agree to join, and so the smaller ones naturally would only join on the condition that in some way their voices count equally to what were the economic powerhouses at the time, like Virginia.