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  1. I think Pukki is more an example of a late bloomer. He struggled for minutes in Germany, came to Scotland and had a hard time, then went to Denmark and gradually developed into a reliable goalscorer. Went to the Championship and proved himself in a higher-quality league, and now he's earned a place in the PL. I don't think he's a top-class player, but he's tactically intelligent and hard-working, and for years he has shown a relentless determination to improve. He's had a hot start, and might "only" end up with 10-15 goals, but he's definitely a player worth having for a side in the lower-mid end of the table.
  2. I think for most handballs, the usual faff around intention, natural position etc still applies. For offensive handballs leading to goals, there's no relevant factor except whether it touches the hand or not.
  3. City really need to stop celebrating late goals forever.
  4. Inverted

    Metal and Rock

    I enjoyed the singles but tbh I was bit wary of how the album as a whole would hold up. I'm very pleasantly surprised. Venusian 2 has serious Overkill vibes.
  5. Barca remind me of Van Gaal's United a lot. Though Van Gaal's team had a toughness and resilience about them that you don't see with Barca.
  6. Inverted

    Metal and Rock

    It's a good year boys. Tool, Slipknot dropping new stuff, and King Gizz have ventured into thrash.
  7. Inverted

    Brexit Discussion

    Apparently Lib Dems in general are taken aback by the party line on Corbyn's deal. The obsessively anti-Labour stance seems to be stemming from Swinson and Umunna, with Tom Watson's encouragement. If they didn't want to be dictated to by rabid Thatcherites maybe they should have joined a different party. Its also a good illustration careerist centrist psychopathy from Umunna. He's happy to push the country off the cliff-edge by domineering a party he joined a few weeks ago, rather than swallow an ounce of personal pride. Edit: Worth noting. The Lib Dem leadership are liars and manipulators, always have been. They'll compromise anything to work with the Tories, but to even brush shoulders with Labour they demand de facto control of the party. They see the Tories as their peers, and they see Labour as a working class mob that needs their guidance and approval.
  8. Inverted

    Brexit Discussion

    Jo Swinson has refused to say whether a Labour government or No Deal would be worse. Turns out the Lib Dems aren't an anti-Brexit party, they're just an anti-working-class party.
  9. I think the ref has had an overall good game, but the rule for VAR in those situations is dumb imo. Saying it needs to be an obvious error, means you're asking "is it obviously NOT a penalty?". It's like having a trial and asking the accused person to prove they obviously didn't do it. The ref should just be able to say it's a potential penalty, ask to see VAR, and then decide for herself, looking at all angles and speeds.
  10. Adrian looked like he was trying to pull-out, but this generation of English players are good at getting those kinds of pens.
  11. Firmino has turned this game on its head pretty much single-handedly.
  12. Robertson looks knackered as well. Gomez still doesn't look comfortable as a RB. Bodes poorly for Liverpool's squad depth.
  13. I hope Leicester fans are enjoying it, this is the biggest thrill you're probably going to get this season.