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  1. Meh. The Tony Mac is a brutal place to go anyway, sold two of the best attackers in the team, two of the other most important players are out, half the squad has been tipped upside down, etc. This season has mostly been a story of Ange struggling to fix existing problems, as opposed to anything really being a result of his mis-steps. At least he's given a view of what the team could do. And Rangers also do not look anywhere near their level from last season, which means the situation isn't hopeless yet. Most young fans seem to be pretty supportive, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's lost the backing of the old school Celtic Da crowd. Every time they see an underlapping full-back, or the team leaving itself 2 vs 2 on the counter, a good few of them probably take an aneurysm.
  2. I have to in work whenever I get up from my desk. Overall I'm a little bit more relaxed about it - now I will briefly take my mask off in a relatively large space like a train station to drink or eat something away from other people, which I wouldn't have done before. Otherwise I am still pretty much 100% about wearing my mask in any indoor space, and there are moments I will quickly put it on outside if I have to walk through a crowd of people, like at a bus stop.
  3. David Moyes and Gareth Southgate must have went to the same lesson on penalties.
  4. Weird game. There didn't seem to be anything in it and then Villa were suddenly 3-0 up. I think the 2-0 and especially the 3-0 were a bit poor from Everton, though. I don't know how you can let Bailey in behind with so much space, especially when you're playing a back 3 and should in theory have more cover in the wide areas.
  5. I think a lot of people automatically assume that anything with a cold, sleek aesthetic and good actors is a quality drama, and any series/film which has those things will be universally revered no matter what. See: House of Cards, Gone Girl, and Billions. Like, "It looks and sounds really smart, so I should like it". Margin Call is a counter example that actually just is really good.
  6. Very complacent from Liverpool. It was too easy for 15-20 minutes and they didn’t screw the heads on when the game began to settle.
  7. Maignan looks like an excellent signing for Milan.
  8. Yes, although it feels like a lot of the lower part of the table is just disjointed teams with random good players. Like Newcastle, whose gameplan is basically "go run about a bit and give the ball to ASM". Or Watford with Ismaila Sarr.
  9. Karius. He wasn't all to blame but he had the misfortune of being the last player left from fun-but-flakey Liverpool who desperately needed to be booted out in order for them become one of the most complete teams ever.
  10. I think it's fortunate that their group overall is quite weak. Despite this, I still fancy them to progress quite comfortably. I'd expect them to beat Villareal and Atalanta at home and likely pick up the results they need away from home. But there are a few groups in this year's CL where a result like this would have had them halfway out already.
  11. I was about to say it’s “only” 3-0 and then I realised how damning that still is. Barcelona are in a place where it feels quite natural to say they’re “only” getting battered 3-0 at home.
  12. The thing that always baffles me is just the sheer refusal to concede the tiniest fault, ever. For a manager who has had some pretty rotten spells in management, I really don't think I've ever seen Steve Bruce put his hands up and say "my bad" or talk about what he needs to do differently. At the high levels of basically any profession, an ability to reflect and be self-critical is a basic requirement. From the way he behaves, you'd think Bruce is more confident in his own abilities than the likes of Tuchel, Klopp or Guardiola are. I wonder if it confuses him that a manager who has never made a mistake and has done a good job everywhere he's been has never progressed in his career.
  13. I think as well the overall type of tackle there are also lots of other relevant things - distance, execution, timing, speed etc. I think that slides from behind can be ok, but that Struijk's specifically is a red. He's too far away to begin with, so he has to launch himself over too long a distance with too much force. And the result is he is off the ground and his trailing leg lands on Elliot's standing ankle. It's not even the tackling foot which does the damage. And on top of that I think it's not even the ball-playing foot which gets injured. You can't make a perfect tackle with one leg while the other one is just flying around any old place ready to land with your full body weight behind it. It's a full package - you're either in control of the whole thing or you're not in control at all. Tarkowski's on Richarlison, at least his trailing leg is off to the side and he's mostly on the floor. It then all comes down to the tackling leg and whether he times it right or not. If he mistimes it, it could be red.
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