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  1. Inverted

    Last movie you watched?

    To me the only problem with the movie, message-wise, is that people are missing the point that the Joker is the result of a combination of societal failings alongside a narcissistic personality. It's not just society. It isn't the abuse or the poverty which makes Joker crave public admiration and approval, but the combination of that personality type with his surroundings, is what drives him over the edge. And it leads to him attacking legitimate points of authoirty, as well complete innocents and bystanders.
  2. Inverted

    Catalonia and Independence

    Realistically though the only movements with any potential to build up a majority for secession are the Catalans and the Basques. I don't think Asturias is going to break away, Galicia is going to join Portugal, or Andalucia is going to demand to join Morocco. There only are a couple of major movements so it would be far better to engage with them politically, and allow the debate to run its course, than to cross your arms and demand that the secessionists play along with a legal game that everyone knows is rigged against them. It only feeds into their argument that Spain is a centralist, authoritarian country. I understand that it's not necessarily the fault of an current Spanish politician - it's the system which is causing these issues. Despite all the hassle and the uncertainty, I think the way the issue with Scottish independence has been handled so far is much better. And that's only possible because our constitution says nothing about it, so it's up to our leaders to agree on a reasonable course of action.
  3. Inverted

    Catalonia and Independence

    For me the issue with the Spanish constitution is that it has too much to say about separatism. To me, secession is an inherently political issue, and in trying to create a detailed but extremely difficult mechanism for it in law, Spain has made the issue much more difficult to handle. A constitution should either say nothing about it - like Britain - or it should expressly forbid it, like America. Spain takes the approach of laying out a way to potentially secede, but making it basically impossible to do so. The result is that the central government can simply refuse to engage with the movement while demanding that it follow a process which everyone knows was designed to be impossible.
  4. Racism is psychological and has no basis in material reality - hence why people with less exposure to other races generally tend to be more racist. There's no material factor as to why people who live in a country with almost no black people , should hate black people so much. Racism is such an issue in these places, not because they're poor, but because their culture has a relentless streak of racism which is encouraged by wider society and the media, and which people rarely have a chance to be be challenged in by practical experience.
  5. Seeing Eastern Europeans throwing Nazi salutes, when they would be considered something akin to pond life by any of their heroes, is still one of the amusing kinds of displays of abject servility and mental feebleness out there.
  6. David Moyes being the best we have is exactly why the next manager shouldn't be Scottish. The things that made Scottish managers successful have been superseded in modern football.
  7. The next manager absolutely should not be Scottish. Under any circumstances. I don't care if Alex Neil gets Preston promoted and then wins the Prem with them. I don't care. We need someone with a complete outsider's perspective. Clarke did a brilliant job with Kilmarnock under very specific circumstances, and now he's trying to recreate it with a completely different squad. We do not have a reliable, physical striker to fire the ball towards. We don't have centre backs who can be relied on in a deep defence. Our two best players are a marauding full-back, who is never given a chance to overlap, and a diminuitive midfield playmaker who has to spend the whole game running in circles chasing the ball. Our squad naturally suits a more aggressive and positive approach, but Scottish managers are too feart about getting battered. We get battered by the likes of Russia and Kazakhstan anyway, so what the hell is there to lose?
  8. Inverted

    Last movie you watched?

    Joker: 7.5/10 I enjoyed it a lot but I ink there were some moments and particular decisions in it that, if made differently, could easily have made it a much much better film.
  9. Inverted

    Brexit Discussion

    This post alone is enough to tell that psychologically and intellectually, England as a nation is fucked beyond rescue. Because a large amount of money, time, and analysis has went into this, and this is obviously what has been objectively determined to appeal most effectively to people.
  10. Tbf Bayern were monstrously good in his 3rd year there. Maybe the best team I've ever seen.
  11. Inverted

    Could you live with yourself??

    So long as myself had a laptop I don't think he'd be that hard to live with.
  12. Inverted

    Why do little things irritate us as humans?

    I think everyone is used to life being pretty tedious and stressful, so when some people decide to make it worse in various little ways, it grates us even more. Particularly when they come from basic lack of awareness of others or basic common sense.
  13. I havent seen the challenge on Salah but Choudhury has put Ritchie and Salah out of commission, and nearly ended that poor French guy's career in the U21s, all in a pretty short space of time. At a certain point, it's not accidental anymore.
  14. All yer hipster German gegenpressing tactics blogger-types will be jizzing over this game.
  15. He's done an unbelievable job but I think his best chances are by. They had an unbelievable chance to win the league in Leicester's year, and then again the year after. In a CL final against Liverpool anything can happen, and they were a bit unlucky. Taking them that close in all those instances was a massive achievement in itself, but I don't think he can strike gold twice. When he first got there he brought in a bunch of cheap players and academy products and they almost all did brilliantly. It's very hard to repeat that kind of success in consecutive seasons.