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  1. The other CL teams will be watching this slick, clinical counterattacking version of City and shiteing themselves.
  2. A game of fine margins. Pretty even on the balance of play but City have been clinical on the break and Liverpool have played like they're taking chances for granted.
  3. That ball from Matic was absolute quality.
  4. The way he looks at Brownhill's head just as he gets up and then immediately throws the forearm makes it look kinda deliberate. I think the fact that it wasn't his elbow that really made contact has saved him there.
  5. It's a shame because much like the Chelsea game, City have looked jittery and prone to mistakes.
  6. "Overkill", Andy Carroll might call it.
  7. This is insane, pretty much the whole Newcastle team is inside their box making last-ditch efforts at blocking and clearing. This game is either going to penos or ending 6-0 to City.
  8. I see Andy Carroll has gotten into Motörhead during Lockdown.
  9. Leeds have been pretty ruthless here. Got to half time in the lead after a poor 45 mins. Then they've come out looking sharper in the second half and just killed it breaking into the space Fulham have left.
  10. Took Dortmund from upper mid-table to consecutive titles including a double, then a CL final. Took Liverpool from upper mid-table to European and English champions. If you ask me Klopp is comfortably the best manager of the last decade.
  11. Lampard is low-key a bit underrated tactically I think. He's only been manager for like two years and his team has comfortably nullified and punished City.
  12. Chelsea did exactly what you've got to to beat City: they defended the spaces where City try and create their narrow crosses and cutbacks, and then got runners going at City's back 4. Not a gift. Chelsea could have scored more and City barely even created much - it took a moment of De Bruyne brilliance to even draw level.
  13. If there's one player in world football who could get away with this, it's Fernandinho.
  14. Agent Sterling doing Liverpool a favour there. Unbelievable break though.