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  1. Have Spurs actually went to Watford to try and grind out a point?
  2. I actually could see klopp modelling him into Firmino's long term replacement. He has the same raw attributes. He can play anywhere from the wing to central midfield, he has a bit of physical presence, he's creative and he's a reliable goalscorer. Klopp signing on long-term was partly so that he could shape the transition from the current team. The most tricky problem recruitment-wise was always going to be finding a player to fill the Firmino role.
  3. It's been a kind of amusing seeing Premier League games getting played at a wee diddy stadium like the Vitality, but it's gotten a bit boring now. Would much rather see Brentford, or Leeds, or even a good old West Brom in their place.
  4. I feel like Mings does well when the team needs to play positively. His pace and strength help out when there's a lot of space to defend, or going up against burly centre-forwards trying to bring their teammates forward. I don't think he's suited for sitting deep under pressure against teams like City.
  5. Inverted

    Thomas Lemar - Spurs Interested

    Wolves fucking hell. That would really be dodgy as fuck. Seems weird for Spurs or Chelsea to be in for him tbh, I wouldn't think having another playmaker/winter would be so urgent a priority for them, compared to Arsenal.
  6. Got to laugh at that post asking "what's the difference" when in their own choice of photos, one looks so much more horrific than the other. "Hmmm what's worse, flying in studs up at full speed into the side of somebody's ankle, or overextending for a lost ball and grazing someone's shin pad in a 50/50". If you're studs up you're always at risk of a red, but speed, timing, risk of injury, and proximity of the ball are obviously major factors and can make a huge difference.
  7. I think Robertson's could have been a red, but it's completely disingenuous to pretend the Aubameyang challenge was the exact same.
  8. Spurs have to chase it now. I'm sure Mourinho will be glad to see a single throw-in nullifying his whole week of preparation.
  9. Tottenham doing well stopping them making chances from open play. Liverpool still obviously done well though to make some clear chances from a counter and from a set piece.
  10. Inverted

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    I'm actually quite shocked they've admitted it.
  11. Inverted

    Favourite Pizza topping

    Olive and Anchovy. Maybe some cheeky capers on there as well. If im going to be drinking my local Indian also does a pizza with spiced mince, chicken and chillis. It's not pizza in the traditional sense but it's damned satisfying.
  12. Inverted

    Adrien Rabiot - Loan to Everton?

    Classic FM signing. Tbh even with Gbamin and Gomes coming back, I'd be aiming to bring him in permanently. It's already been seen that Everton are thin in midfield. Davies and Schneiderlin are a pretty big drop in quality from the first choice.
  13. Inverted

    FA Cup Third Round Matches - 4-6th January, 2020

    Sigurdsson was made to be the creative focal point for a relegation batting side. He's a good player but he stylistically doesn't belong anywhere near a good side. Spending so much on him is one of the most horrific decisions I've seen in a while, especially since it would take an equally horrific decision from someone else for Everton to recoup anything from him.
  14. Juve seem to have made a proper arse out of integrating him properly.
  15. Inverted

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Having an opinion on whether assassinating Soleimani is a good idea is entirely separate from any consideration of his moral standing as a person. Kim Jong-Un is a bad guy, I'd even say Xi Jinping is a pretty bad guy - think it's a good idea to kill either of them?