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  1. Bayern had the game plan spot on at first to kill any chance of Liverpool getting into full-flow, but I thought the game went on it was very apparent that they had little plan about how to chase an away goal, which is a risky way to approach a tie like this. Coman and Gnabry were there to punish mistakes of course, but Bayern had no real ideas at any point.
  2. I thought Bayern started very well. They made the game slow and cagey which is exactly what they wanted. The issue is that Liverpool have slowly warmed into the game. Bayern obviously have the ability to make something out of nothing with two brilliant dribblers and then Lewandowski to finish, but Liverpool are looking more and more creative as a unit.
  3. It's looks bad because he's the last man, but in reality he's got defenders close to him and extremely little space to swivel and shoot on his weak foot. Its a bad effort but not a howler,
  4. Mane is amazing because he somehow manages to be a world class forward and also one of the clumsiest players on earth.
  5. Inverted

    Leeds Fined £200k For Spy-Gate

    Fined because presumably the rest of the championship managers can't be arsed with the pressure to do more prep.
  6. Leave the Labour party due to racism. Have 1 in 7 of your MPs make racist statements. There is only one solution: there must be a new splinter group to reject the original splinter group's descent into racism.
  7. Inverted

    Militant Veganism

    I think I could cut meat fairly easily, and I have made a conscious effort to make it more of a treat than a regular thing, but I would need to change my diet a lot to cut dairy. And to go all in and cut any stuff that uses any animal products in production would be way too much - like apparently, Guinness isn't vegan. Which is mental in my mind.
  8. Inverted

    Budget cuts

    No I'm talking about the people on Universal Credit who, due to insane gaps between payments, administrative oversight, faulty "medical" assessments, or just outright callousness, are left to default on their rent, and forced to try and survive between dangerous and over-burdened temporary shelters and the streets, in the distant hope of being placed on a waiting list for a housing association or council flat. It can be seen in the growing homelessness problem, and I see it every week when I speak to people face-to-face who experience this threat, who have sometimes actually managed to re-establish some kind of normalcy in their lives after already spending a period on the streets.
  9. Inverted

    Militant Veganism

    I think the ethical and environmental arguments for veganism are very strong, and I don't really have any good reason for not being one, but there are two main problems with the more vocal elements of veganism 1 - People react best to encouragement, and so to me any campaign based on guilt and emotional blackmail is most likely going to be harmful to progress. 2 - The problem is as much structural as as an issue of individual choice. Our society is not equipped to allow everyone to live a vegan lifestyle - in terms of education, affordability, and in terms of major producers cutting-out animal products from their chains of production. The movement towards "veganising" society should focus on creating an environment in which it is convenient to be a vegan, as opposed to placing the moral burden on people to make a huge, difficult adjustment despite having busy, stressful lives and a lack of information.
  10. I think it's hypocritical for the president to talk about loyalty and then say that the boys shouldn't have played - to me, they showed immense loyalty and should be commended. However I do sympathise with the rest of the league if certain teams are getting insane GD boosts from playing Piacenza at the right time, and it's distorting the competition.
  11. Inverted

    Returning Isis fighters

    She should count herself lucky it was the Kurds who got her and not Assad or the Al-Nusra.
  12. Inverted

    Returning Isis fighters

    Having read more into her situation it seems she's in Kurdish custody, and they're asking that where possible foreign fighters are prosecuted in their home countries. Which makes sense from their perspective.
  13. Inverted

    Returning Isis fighters

    I don't really understand how she's not being prosecuted by Assad's regime. I would expect their counter-terrorism laws to be at least as strong as ours, and she was active in a terrorist group on their soil, not ours. Ideally the baby could be brought back here, and the Syrian government could do whatever it saw fit with her there.
  14. Apparently they've been working with a consultancy in Washington and will be targeting marginals in the next election, rather than try their luck fighting to keep the safe seats the Labour Party provided to them to allow them to establish their careers. The centre being the usual bastion of moral fortitude as they have been for the last hundred years.