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  1. His massive head has somehow metaphorically and literally cost his team.
  2. Cool to see the PLs basically become the French league but with more cash and less youth development.
  3. So far I would say I'm more impressed by it than I really enjoy it. It's interesting more than captivating, I would say.
  4. Perhaps Man City making tits out of UEFA with their stupendously expensive legal team and uber-aggressive litigation strategy has backfired, in the sense that the PL have watched, learned, and waited until they've got a mountain of charges before doing anything.
  5. Considering they're having a fairly poor season and don't look likely to win much this year anyway, I'd imagine they'd be delighted to be slapped with a token points deduction. It's a small price to pay for the mountain of domestic trophies they've won.
  6. Antony looks quite tidy to the eye, but over the course of a game you start to realise he doesn't really seem to do anything apart from pick the ball up on the touchline, cut in a few yards a play a square ball inside. He doesn't really have the pace or directness of a proper winger or the creativity of a wide playmaker sort of guy.
  7. Most of the way through this. A good introduction to a period of history I didn't know too much about.
  8. Very good so far. Even before it gets to the Mexican War or the Civil War I'm finding it a page-turner.
  9. Kinda ruined it with the weird local dress covering the kit. Can't wait for the oil to run out and the sand to reclaim these wretched places.
  10. Mbappe could not have done more to spoon-feed that game to France and they were so shocking they still couldn't win it.
  11. Griezmann off and Camavinga left back. Do France still have any guillotines lying around they could use for when Deschamps gets back?
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