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  1. Inverted

    Romelu Lukaku's Size

    Sometimes when the ball goes into his feet, it looks like the defender is the one trying to get the ball and Lukaku is the centre back trying to clear it away.
  2. Inverted

    If you could sign anyone from the above?

    Michael Cuisance BVB
  3. Inverted

    If you could sign anyone from the above?

    Jansson Southampton
  4. Inverted

    Romelu Lukaku's Size

    He was plenty strong already, I don't really see what more there was to be gained in him bulking up so much. It's unescessary for players at the elite level to be that strong. Just with his natural body type he's already going to outmuscle basically every player he comes across.
  5. Diabolical from Napoli. Easily deserved from Liverpool. Should have been 4 or 5. Sad to see Ancelotti turn another exquisitely coached team into a bunch of mundane 4-4-2 grafters.
  6. This ref is tailor made for Latin teams. Absolutely impossible for Liverpool to impose themselves physically or press in groups.
  7. We all know Napoli are a hundred times better than this shitshow, can expect to see it now that their hand is forced.
  8. Been coming. Liverpool not even been that good imo but Napoli have just been disgustingly negative. Playing completely within themselves.
  9. Weird how the game seems to pass Henderson by in possession. You'd think the holding player is the one everything goes through and yet with Liverpool, it's like he's the last resort in terms of picking a pass. Doesn't make himself available.
  10. I get what you're saying but to me it's a distinction without a difference. If you're willing to play to racist tropes and fire up people's latent bigotry then you're a racist as far as I'm concerned, because it shows an absolute lack of concern for minority groups' dignity and safety. If it walks like racism and talks like racism, it's racism.
  11. Inverted

    Last movie you watched?

    Nightmare Before Christmas: 8.5/10 Not the first time, but I last watched it years ago. Amazing movie. The animation is really timeless, they went for a completely unique and original look and so it just seems fresh no matter when you watch it. Danny Elfman's music as always is worth the watch alone. The story and the concept is brilliant, with surprisingly complex and relatable main characters. My favourite Christmas film. And Halloween film.
  12. Inverted

    If you could sign anyone from the above?

    Inaki Williams Celtic
  13. Inverted

    The Nightmare before Christmas...

    I've got to buy for my parents, my brother, and the girlfriend. Sorted for my mum, just about sorted for my brother. Got an idea for my dad. Still doubtful about what to get the girlfriend. I tried buying her a sweater for her birthday which she ended up not liking and changing for something else, so I don't trust my ability to follow her tastes. A scarf or perfume seems more safe, and I've already got a couple of minor presents to add on to whatever main thing I get.
  14. I do find it slightly rich that such a wide spectrum of people are rallying behind him when so many of them work for the Sun, or the Mail, or in other papers owned by News UK. The Sun and the Mail are just the rotten core of the entire British media establishment, which is riddled inside out with privilege and racism. There will never be meaningful progress coming from anyone in any mainstream British news outlet. They're all infected with the same disease, and it's incurable. Even if they're not racists or bigots, they'll be surrounded with mates who are. They'll be culturally conditioned to turn a blind eye when it matters. The only solution is for the current generation of editors and writers to be pushed out of business and for a new generation of reporters to take their place.