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  1. Fair play to Pep, his post match comments actually very complimentary & not full of sour grapes. Rodri was a big absence. Phillips really needs to get himself out of there, regardless of the money. For Villa, it is now 14 consecutive home wins. Which BBC Sport is now saying equals club record of 1903 & 1931. But fairly sure 13 had supposedly equalled 2 other joint records, so at this point I think they are just guessing. Not sure if Diaby is one of those who had 'minor pain' or if Bailey is edging ahead right now.
  2. Delighted. Honestly, perhaps slightly blemished that we didn't give them the drubbing nearly everyone else has taken at VP. Arsenal at the weekend.. no reason why not more of the same. Much like Unai, I don't quite accept we're in the title race. But, we finish where we finish. Good luck to any clubs supposedly wanting to entice any Villa individuals away from this joy ride anytime soon.
  3. First of 2 rounds of fixtures for Amazon in December. My free trial is due again. Will likely fit in a few deliveries from the shop. Watch the new Matrix movie & the latest Thor. Becoming a nice December tradition really. On these matches, personally I am relishing the Villa vs Man City game. I still have them as favourites for the title. But closest we've been for so long. I'd be surprised if the neutral choice is Man United vs Chelsea. Which is huge credit to Unai Emery. And how the squad has coped without Mings, Moreno, Ramsey & Buendia for most of this season. Pau had to get up to speed rapidly. Digne has been used more than most, after a summer of rumours he might be sold off. A very significant chunk of the left side of the team to be missing. Villa could easily be 6th after these matches. But 3rd is also on the table. I would expect Spurs to get a win at home to West Ham. Spurs have played better than lost 3-drawn1 of the last 4 might suggest.
  4. It has reached the stage that a draw at Bournemouth feels more like 2 dropped than 1 gained. But, still have to appreciate the change from just over a year ago. And time to look to Man City & Arsenal at Villa Park now.
  5. 1-1 at HT. There for the taking. Only a VAR offside stopped Villa from leading. While Solanke has been close a few times. Interestingly Cash & Diaby on the bench. Kamara is suspended for this 1. Neither Ramsey or Moreno starting, after doing so in Europe. So that is 3 certainties & a possible 5 there, who could start vs Man City on Wednesday. Also, very likely Diaby & Ramsey appear in the 2nd half today.
  6. If it wasn't for the 10 point deduction, Everton would be on 17 points, in 11th, ahead of Chelsea.
  7. It's certainly very early for a crowd to be properly excited & up for a football match. Derbies could be a bit unique in the west. There's only ever a few that feel like proper derbies. Villa-Birmingham (Birmingham) & West Brom-Wolves (Black Country) And doesn't really have quite the same vibe when they're mixed up. While Walsall are a lower league friend of Villa. There is still a bit of an anti-Villa or better Villa than that lot sort of thing that unifies some of the west. Coventry are not really paired with anyone. The club's from the east have a very Coventry feel to most fans of the west. Not sure if it's the same the other way around.
  8. Big week for Villa. Qualified for the knock out rounds in Europe. Just missed securing top spot by 1 goal (& in the Conference, 2 less games) But just need to avoid defeat in final away game to lowest ranked team in the group. Bournemouth (a) not easy. Just as capable as Forest (a) were only a few weeks ago. But then Man City & Arsenal at Villa Park Wednesday & Saturday. Where all participants will have endured a similar schedule. But still bank on a false narrative if Villa get any W. Good timing to have Moreno & J Ramsey both fit (again) I would be surprised if Villa do not seem highly motivated to win at Bournemouth & so giving the next 2 as much of a free hit feel as they can be, with Spurs, Man United, Newcastle & Brighton all lingering around just 1 or 2 results from 4th.
  9. .... maybe I missed something, but the whole of the West Midlands is a long way from 'Tory'. It does have comparable fed up of the whole thing types, like regions with comparable populations.. such as Scotland, I would suggest. And Liverpool as a political football club are not pleasant, whatever the wing it's directed from. Toxic is honestly the accurate word for Liverpool Lib Dem Middle Class FC. But, reads like you know Wolverhampton -the West Midlands only by Twitter & Liberal Democrat party manifesto.
  10. Yes, probably one of the only clubs that could win 1 cup & lose in the final of the other, finish 3rd & still be in meltdown crisis before November of the next season. To be fair, mostly by Man United fans, who presumably are looking at Man City, Liverpool & Arsenal looking like the Top 3. Seeing Newcastle emerging. Chelsea spending crazy money. And Spurs & Villa with a 4th vs 5th match up.
  11. Will be long remembered as the England manager at Euro 96. But also managed Barcelona (signing Lineker & Mark Hughes) Spurs & a few other clubs. Also 2 full England caps as a player. Spending most of his career with London area clubs.
  12. I heard somewhere a few days ago that Portsmouth & Middlesbrough both had points deductions in the Premier League. I think both of those were standard 9 points deductions, for 'going into administration'. But this is the first to do with modern 'financial fair play' rules. And the most points. I also heard a defence of points deductions punishments, that if a club owner is happy to take the financial hit, then points deductions are a more effective deterrent.
  13. It has been interesting seeing Big Ange & Unai emerge as new cool, trendy name managers pundits like to talk of. Often as being just below only Pep & Klopp sort of way. And both have done well to this point.
  14. Delighted with that. At least 1 week gate crashing the Top 4. Villa have had problems in some away games. On another day, perhaps with Maddison fit, it could have gone a similar emphatic defeat way. Felt to me the available Spurs players just couldn't quite punish Villa enough. Villa certainly had to trust to luck a fair bit. Son with a hatrick of offsides is crazy. But, against some teams, that is kind of the best Villa can do, right now. Man City & Arsenal at Villa Park soon.
  15. Very open game. Could easily have been a few more for both sides. Watkins with 1 disallowed, for offside. Spurs looked to be taking control & really threatening a 2nd. But Pau with a set piece headed equaliser. Personally, for Villa, I'd be looking at taking Cash off from his right midfield position. Not been going his way & the crowd are on his back for a tackle on reinjured Bentancur. McGinn to where Cash has been. Put Bailey on, risk going with a full front 3. But, at this stage, I'll still back whatever Unai does.
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