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  1. Yeah, on guns, the whole it's not guns that kill take just falls apart for me when you start with a national sense of entitlement to guns. What happens when any member of such a society goes nuts? People start shooting guns. I don't know too many nations to compare to, but in the UK it's not in the slightest bit easy to obtain a gun of any kind. There's no sense of national entitlement to have 1. When people go nuts here, it's with knives & stuff. Or terrorist self made bombs.
  2. It is still going the same at the moment on the whole Northern Ireland thing. No sign of the DUP accepting the terms of Brexit arrangements. The EU & Ireland very willing & very keen to have meaningful discussions. Except on the bit the DUP hate. The only bit that it seems is actually being questioned. And that the Conservatives are trying to retrospectively change without anyone else's consent. And risking Ursula von der Leyen, Goddess of the Free World, taking them to Euro Court. But they are willing & keen to have meaningful discussions. Just not on that bit. For me, it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. All as unyieldingly petulant, touchy & sour with anyone not into their union as much as they are. And yes.. I did notice Boris Johnson making Putin jokes at the G7 table. And have since read of Macron's concept of some European community, apparently to cover those not in the EU. Arguably sounding like the 2 grown ups in the room. Which says plenty.
  3. Reluctant Striker


    If cheering on the Brits is your favourite bit, we've had it quite good for quite a while. However many semi finals Henman got to. I think Rusedski won a US Open. Then with no pause we were into the Murray years, with 2 Wimbledon's & 1 US Open. Although Raducanu lost, it seems likely she'll at least be Rusedski type level, for a while. Capable of reasonable results on grass, but perhaps best suited to US Open style court surface. I noticed 1 of the commentators in her 1st round match was pointing out how she may have a won a point she'd lost if the match had been on the US Open surface. Seems crazy how 14 of Nadal's 22 slam titles have been on the French Open clay. I guess Nadal vs Djokovic is the 1 I'll look forward to. Whichever round it is they meet, if they both make it. And I'd tend toward Nadal, who seems a less abrasive character.
  4. Reluctant Striker


    Perhaps whoever is running things has to allow regional Covid rules to apply. I guess the US has some national 1s now. I totally agree with the ban on players from Russia & Belarus. And to explain why: 1 Russian medallist was stood next to a Ukraine medallist at some sporting event somewhere. Complete with the 'Z' thing like all over Russian tanks. I'd go with blanket ban over allowing however many instances like that. It's not comparable to taking the knee, or in Hitler times the raised fist thing. I can't help but feel some of those who boo the knee thing would not be too bothered by Z displays of athletes. And it is apparently normal Russians who need to get rid of Putin.
  5. Reluctant Striker


    For me, whoever runs world tennis is getting it wrong. Unvaccinated Djokovic ok to play Wimbledon. Players from Russia & Belarus banned from Wimbledon. Wimbledon has no ranking points. Fairly sure all the above is the opposite way around for the US Open.
  6. Hopefully for Phillips he'll be used more than Nathan Ake. And England do not need another full back.
  7. It does all stem from the bible, with its comments about being fruitful. I think mostly in the more restricted Old Testament. Most Christian nations have long since moved beyond literalism. And burning or drowning of witches. In my mind the only people who want religious rule are anti democratic & xenophobic. It is times like these I realise America is quite possibly just 1 civil war from being the Russian Federation.
  8. I did read 1 line somewhere that 13 states had total bans lined up for immediate effect. Expected to be half the states very soon. I saw 1 news crew where an Arkansas clinic was having to instantly close down. Complete with its black out of state physician & some crowing white male weirdo outside the grounds. And as for the multiple tearful women outside the court, happy that the murders will stop. Well, I guess let's hope it's the ones celebrating that have all the problematic scenarios to deal with. They've apparently thought them all through & feel ok with it. More likely they're the type that assume some things just don't happen to nice women like them.
  9. Not sure how to attach links, but New Zealand have just celebrated Matariki, the Maori new year. With their first ever national holiday for it. I was watching the YouTube stream of the New Zealand TV coverage & found it quite moving that 1 of the singers had tears streaming down her face. It was nice to find somewhere that seems to be in its own positivity bubble. A refreshing change from Russia-Ukraine, Brexit Britain, Indian diggers, Chinese education of citizens, or keep the rapists babies USA.
  10. I do think Nick Pope will quickly become Newcastle Number 1. For the immediate future at least. I'd have certainly taken Burnley's defence over Newcastle's. Great for England really. It seemed worrying Pickford at Everton was the only option on the table. Now he has Ramsdale at Arsenal & likely Pope at Newcastle for competition. All 3 will be able to make some level of claim of being Number 1 at a big expectation, high pressure club.
  11. It's amazing to think such a large Brexit General Election majority could be lost & we get Unity PM Keir Starmer, at the very next election. I don't think too many Brexit voters were expecting the Boris Johnson government to sign up to a deal. Then decide it was not the right deal. And be trying to break international treaty law. Again. Make no mistake, we are essentially teetering around the edge of being treated & thought of barely a notch or 2 above how most nations are treating Russia. And the longer that goes on, the more people will vote for anything else, because I don't there is any sort of desire for that. But having said all the good stuff, I will risk alienating half the population of this forum, as there is a flip side, to ponder all the non English political & societal dislike for the Conservatives. Are they actually in some way geared up just purely to see the UK or Britain as bad, or wrong. And in itself a horrible English 'right wing' concept. Perhaps because it has a token monarchy, or because it's 1 person 1 vote, similar to the fiercely Independent USA. Rather than 1 flag 1 vote, as in the EU. Which obviously sells extremely well to smaller nations & those who favour keeping the smaller nations extra sweet. It's European Influence that is I feel undeniably far more divisive than anything Russia or China could muster. The 1s we're supposed to have been concerned about for that sort of reason. And I can not lie, Deputy PM Ian Blackford would turn my stomach. He is a smiling Scottish right winger, who feels he's utterly untouchable because of the Scottish bit.
  12. It feels like a topic that's somehow become one of expert opinion for a huge amount of people. I may be mistaken, because I'm not an expert, but everyday transgender people are perhaps on about their thoughts & experiences on conversion therapy, discrimination in regular day jobs & general treatment in society. And on that, including all gay people, I think every person deserves grown up respect. But also that genitalia perhaps should define your public toilet, changing room, etc. And well, your sporting gender. Not which sex you prefer sexually, or like to dress as. Are any non sporting transgender people actually kicking up a fuss because they want to see biologically uneven sports? Or are some politically hyper active do-gooders telling them they should be?
  13. Not sure how the topic got here.. but, the 1s you refer to would basically be the right wing working class. The lost red wall voters. The 1s that feel done over by the perceived white European immigrant influx. Labour was originally about representing the under represented. i.e. A political party for the working class. And obviously minority groups would have perhaps easily found home with the more socially left parties. The slightly odd thing I tend to notice is that MPs like Rishi Sunak & Priti Patel are derided as some kind of race traitors, which seems to me equally as odd as anything the apparently anti minorities, right wing inclined, white working class could do. While the Lib Dems, as the much more clearly defined middle to upper class regions left option vs the Conservative right, do seem mostly white Brits. Oddly more so than the allegedly racist Conservatives. In itself it's probably likely a high portion of ethnic minorities would find home with Labour, purely as working class. But the left-right divide of white voters seems less confused among the wealthy. I think that's perhaps the class-race point of curiosity, if there is 1.
  14. It is a bad result for England. Only thing you can try to justify it would be they've maybe approached it like friendly matches. And Hungary at least were playing it like everything was on the line. Draws vs Germany & Italy aren't usually seen as too bad.
  15. It just gets worse doesn't it. This whole idea of sending people escaping from France onto Rwanda is something we can only be seen as the bad guys in. Especially given the nation's dubious hidden history of relocating people. The whole drama over getting goods into Northern Ireland, for use in Northern Ireland.. I can't help but partly think there is a point there, but from day 1 there were more people pulling for outcomes the non Unionists want, this Government were being this Government, and we will just constantly be seen as the bad guys, until a United Ireland is in the EU as 1 full entity. If Scotland do their exit & get back to the EU, then Britain will not be any easier than Ireland. Australia & New Zealand I think are willing to do trade deals. With anyone. English. British. European.
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