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  1. I'm happy for the balance of this side of the draw. A part of me in my football soul does kind of have this Argentina as my 2nd team.
  2. I muted Danny Murphy last time I heard him. I may need to do the same with Gary Neville. At the end of the day, Rashford has 3, Saka has 2, Sterling has 1, Grealish has 1 & Foden has 1. And Bellingham got 1. It should just be seen as good for England. No reliance at all on Kane for goals. But Foden is nowhere near 'best player by miles' credentials the scraping finger nails down a blackboard that Neville & the closet Man City boys have him down as.
  3. Yes, I think he might just go with the same starters vs Senegal. Like after Iran, it's difficult to drop anyone. But any Q-Final they reach, it almost feels inevitable Dier comes in for Rashford or Foden.
  4. I'm sure they don't intentionally mean it that way, but given Rashford's hit a Beckham/Brazilian, to knock the stuffing out the Wales side, I hope someone somewhere passionately over bigs him up. Even if it is Rio or Jenas.
  5. Same HT score, but a much better performance from England than vs USA. Henderson just might keep his place for whatever is ahead. Phillips, Gallagher & Mount almost like-for-likes too, if it works. On another day Rashford & Foden have us 2 up. I don't mind too much seeing a stray pass here or there. Because a few times it will work out.
  6. Odd midfield choice from Southgate. I do fully expect this to be Wales' best performance by some distance. I guess England will have a few impact game chasing sub options, or Mount for that extra CB .. tucked in behind Kane.. if we're trying to hold on.
  7. Yes, I think Henderson can just hurry everything along, which could help Bellingham. And maybe work against Wales apparent weakness. Swapping out Rice & Mount would certainly get my vote. I'm sure Kane is carrying something, or had 1 of those injuries where he'll never really be quite the same. Any pace he ever had has long gone. But maybe needs a goal more than a rest. It may not be far off what Southgate goes with.
  8. Usually. There's a very high probability Winners of B & Runners Up of A play to meet France in the Q-Final. The other path likely goes to a Q-Final with winners of Argentina group or runners up from France. I imagine the Dutch fans are the only ones studying group winner path & eyeing up a nice as it gets route to a semi final. Iran or USA? Maybe followed by Poland or Denmark? Yet the Dutch group winners path to semi final could conceivably be England & Argentina.
  9. Think they've left it a bit late to get out of the group, but great to see Cameroon help liven up what was becoming a tedious 0-0 sort of tournament.
  10. 3 consecutive late kick offs that have that traditional match up feel about them. Alot of older players around in this tournament.
  11. Yes, national teams have to build with what they have. Clubs don't just have more time with the players, the best clubs are buying in the best players that best suit formation & styles of play. Does Gabriel Jesus really complement a side with all pacy attack minded wingers around him? Or is the manager being a bit old fashioned to want a poacher that he sees in Richarlison? And I think there is much more tactically going on than anyone has dared reason about as to why Gabriel Jesus was playing out wide, allowing Sterling or Foden to play down the middle. He goes off to Arsenal, has the impact he's had there. And Haaland somehow gets to play striker.
  12. The inflatable is. Part of Beckham's brand ambassador deal. Going to sit on top of the 02 arena. In music, I think I do prefer positivity over suggesting only God can help.
  13. It will be interesting to see if Southgate makes a couple of changes, or lots of them. As in giving most of the squad a game. I fully expect the best of Wales. A highly frustrating 0-0 is not at all unlikely. Not sure Netherlands, Ecuador or Senegal would be much of any great difference. The biggest motivation for whatever England team we see could be making points around all the bad loser/drawer gas there's been.
  14. It's amazing what a difference 1 goal makes. Can very easily see Fullkrug getting a start Vs Costa Rica & getting 2 or 3.
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