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  1. Good to see Mick outclassing his team mate so far. However this season the Haas cars are so uncompetitive, it makes the whole season almost irrelevant. Next season is going to be the really important one for Mick and we'll see whether he can get used to the 2022 Haas fast enough. Bc of the new rules it will be a completely different car, so it won't be easy.
  2. Big problems are coming up next season: Morey out for a year. Piszczek retiring Schmelle retiring Meunier useless - who knows how long it will take until he recovers from his Covid brain damage Guerreiro often needed in midfield Schulz seems to lack intelligence Passlack seems to lack the athleticism Who could be bought? Left: I like Otávio, but he has two years left on his contract and Wolfsburg don't need to sell. Danny Rose would be an option if he's interested in a short contract only. It's reported he's going to Trapzonspor. Trippier? Azpilicueta? Roberto? Right: Emerson sure. There are already rumours about him. I'm worried we can't outbid the other clubs interested in him.
  3. Haas' current car is a proper joke. It's worse than last year's bc it's so unstable. MSC will certainly get another season. That doesn't change his fundamental problem though, simply delay it for one year.
  4. He'll get to drive for a season, not get an entire season just to get used to the car and then another one on top of it. You interpreted "he won't get an entire season. He'll get half a season." in a way that's completely incompatible with the entire rest of my post. Probably Already addressed this.... Waiting probably won't help, bc the development is so rapid in F1, that he may never get used to a car. The changes between an F1 car and its successor are massive, which is totally different to F2. I didn't say that. I wrote "might". They won't necessarily get rid of him, but if he flops and they don't, there's almost no chance he'll ever sit in a competitive car even if he stays in F1. That's the way all youngsters are treated in F1. Exceptions can happen, but are unlikely.
  5. Mick always needed an entire season until he was really comfortable with his car. Once he did, he was very good, but in F1 he won't get an entire season. He'll get half a season. And what if next season's car is much different from his current one? Not looking good for him right now. After 2022 he might switch to DTM or endurance.
  6. It's a common technique used by despots in order to distract from the government failures. The worse the quality of life for their own population, the more nationalist chest-beating, military parades and finger-pointing at other countries. Putin has done this for the better part of two decades now. He's using external conflicts in order to distract from his failed inner politics. While Russian soldiers are shooting down civilian air craft from foreign soil they are illegally annexing, Russian nationalist go mad "bc everyone is bullying to Russia" and turn to their "strong leader" Putin. Likewise, the average daily mail reader - who will most likely be poorer as a direct consequence of Brexit and may even have lost his job bc of it - will feel more relevant when he reads that his own country is increasing its military and sending threats, even though it doesn't improve his personal life one bit.
  7. I posted that a week ago. You already told me to stop and I did, not bc I ran out of images or anything, but rather bc I was concerned about your health.
  8. BoJo always needed a haircut. Now he needs a headcut.
  9. https://twitter.com/itsafrogslife/status/1346492076956004353/photo/1
  10. Both are exceptionally dirty drivers. MAG was the dirtiest of the entire grid.
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