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  1. Mazzari


    That's what I was talking to. And with Crazzy Steve, I think WWE offered him first, not Decay being disbanded first
  2. Mazzari


    Just you wait until you see who they brought this taping. Worst one yet.
  3. All of his Twitter account could probably go here tbh.
  4. Ighalo posted this on his own Twitter on his last birthday. Whenever I look at it, I just break out laughing again. It's bizarre.
  5. Mazzari


    Impact is very weird at the moment. Half of it is good remnants from just before Jarrett took over, half of it is Jarrett bringing in his old friends from 10 years ago to 'revive' the show. Unsure about it.
  6. Mazzari


    Definitely, but when the company fails to reprimand him, it's telling about the culture of the company
  7. Heartbreaking for Alonso, so close to the first finish for the McLaren-Honda this year.
  8. Had a Windows Phone, loved the OS, but the lack of support by any major app developers makes it impossible for me. Android is far better for it, and the customisation means I can make it look better than the ugly default skin. Currently got the Galaxy S6, which is a good phone, but is already outdated barely a year after I bought it. The mobile phone cycle is ridiculously anti-consumer.
  9. Mazzari


    Surprised to see nobody talking about Mauro leaving the company due to the 'bullying' he received by JBL. Obviously, JBL is a well-documented asshole (see Blue Meanie, essentially any rookie ever), so it doesn't shock me, but it's starting to hit the mainstream, and it surprises me they haven't reacted to it because of that.
  10. Good to see Bottas finally adjust today, would love to see him win tomorrow.
  11. Think this is good for both sides - was deadwood at Everton but has performed rather well for us.
  12. More colour is always good, especially with how shocking their test livery was.
  13. Mazzari


    I'm actually looking forward to Mania. Only Brock v Goldberg has left me concerned. It'll be underwhelming when that goes on last and lasts 4 minutes at most.
  14. I can see this closing up at the front again. But Force India looks like they'll be dropping back in the pack, sadly.
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