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  1. We definitely have more talent than Bournemouth, West Brom and Burnley, arguably a similar level to Stoke
  2. It seemed that way for Mazzari, but surely sacking him would suggest the Pozzo's want more than survival? It's amazing how misinformed you can get after a year out of the division...
  3. That was the idea - rumour is he just spent his time in Manchester with Italian friends, not learning. Additionally, he should be speaking better English after two years than this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39907559.
  4. Don't like us all you want, sacking managers when they underperform should be common sense. Staying up should not give you a job, we have a squad with more talent than 16th in the league, so we will seek a new manager who can improve us. That philosophy has given us as many years of PL football in a row as we had before the Pozzo's combined.
  5. Flores was a much worse sacking. Mazzari has been lucky a lot this season, most people who watched us would tell you we should be going down with how we played. Just hoping Marco Silva or Mancini is the replacement, not Ranieri.
  6. Gareth Southgate once forgot to pick any keepers for England U21s
  7. I'm Libertarian Socialist on the Spekr one.
  8. Definitely sounded like fat cunt and hooting. Not racist in any way, but I expect no less from the attention seekers at AFTV
  9. Kirchoff, N'Dong, Defoe, Kone, Khazri and Pickford could all do a job.
  10. I'm the teacher-shagging Emmanuel Macron.
  11. Mazzari


    That's what I was talking to. And with Crazzy Steve, I think WWE offered him first, not Decay being disbanded first
  12. Mazzari


    Just you wait until you see who they brought this taping. Worst one yet.
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