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    Well fuck me I actually got some time... Life's pretty fucking busy right now... but it's been worth it so far. Hope you guys are doing alright. That's... that's all I can think of right now. Uni's (quite literally) fucked my brain.
  2. Sorry guys I kind of forgot about you all, hope you’re all well!

    1. football forum


      Welcome to the forum. Good to have a new face around.

  3. Saturday 26th August, 2017 Bournemouth 0-3 Man City, Crystal Palace 1-0 Swansea Huddersfield 1-0 Southampton Man Utd 3-1 Leicester, 17.30 Newcastle 1-2 West Ham Watford 2-1 Brighton Sunday 27th August, 2017 Chelsea 1-0 Everton, Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal Tottenham 3-1 Burnley West Brom 0-0 Stoke
  4. Bournemouth 1-1 Watford Burnley 1-0 West Brom Leicester 2-0 Brighton Liverpool 3-1 Crystal Palace Southampton 1-2 West Ham Stoke 1-3 Arsenal Swansea 0-2 Man Utd Huddersfield 1-2 Newcastle Tottenham 2-0 Chelsea Man City 3-2 Everton
  5. Cure

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    It's official: I'm now a proper student. My uni place was confirmed this morning. I didn't get the grades I was hoping for but it all begins today.
  6. Friday 11th August, 2017 Arsenal 3-1 Leicester Saturday 12th August, 2017 Brighton 1-1 Man City Chelsea 3-0 Burnley Crystal Palace 1-2 Huddersfield Everton 2-0 Stoke Southampton 0-0 Swansea Watford 2-1 Liverpool West Brom 1-3 Bournemouth Sunday 13th August, 2017 Man Utd 0-0 West Ham Newcastle 1-4 Tottenham
  7. You're no better than Wayne Rooney.
  8. Of course they did, and so did everything. Feeling suicidal tends to make you look away from the consequences and all things that matter tend to be pushed aside. It's a feeling of desperation, desperation to break away. Whatever the catalyst it feels inescapable and you begin to doubt everything, how you are perceived or the impact you've had. You're forced to put on a brave face or people will begin to question, point fingers and try to help but if anything it doesn't at all: it makes it worse. It takes a lot to confront your fears but when you're depressed you see no other way out, no other option to make things better. Whether or not Chris Cornell's suicide was the catalyst in Chester's suicide is up for debate but whatever the cause it was enough to push him over the edge.
  9. Shit. Didn't know about this until I came onto TF. As with every death it's sad. As well as Linkin Park he fronted the Stone Temple Pilots for a while and it brought them back imo. RIP.
  10. According to various sources Monaco's complaint relates to City and PSG. Others may have been implicated too, details haven't been confirmed yet.
  11. In some circumstances I feel it's inevitable that someone may consider changing their support. Although I don't support a team the local 'big' team are Coventry City and they've been in turmoil with their shitty owners SISU for years now. They've suffered two relegations and have been abandoned by their owners who don't want to sell and have recently been rejecting offers. Their stadium has been sold by the city council to the former London Wasps who have rebranded it and are looking to kick Cov out as soon as they can. It's horrible. Whilst teams who were in similar positions, the Blackpools and the Portsmouths and the Charlton Athletics, have no means of coming up without a ton of money and luck switching support for such reasons is absurd. If a club's soul is ripped out, as was the case with the former Wimbledon or lately Steaua Bucharest in Romania, then it's more than justified to switch. This isn't a problem for Premier League teams at the moment who can splash cash like it grows on trees and aside from isolated cases generally aren't threatened with poor ownership. In these instances it really isn't justified for people to switch. As Anton said at the end of the day you have to feel the passion and a connection to your club and if that's not there anymore there's no point.
  12. I don't have a clue where I'll be. In five years I could be anywhere do anything with anyone. In about a month I'll receive my A-level results which, if they're good enough, will get me into University. If this goes well then this time next year I'll have ideally formed or joined a band, hope to have a secure relationship and hope to have gained confidence across the board. In five years time the ideal situation would be to have a 2:1 or a first class degree. If I did get a first then I'd definetely consider pursuing a masters degree and perhaps a doctorate. Even if I did do this well I'd hopefully be emersed in my music be it with the same band or another group of people. If music didn't work out for me then I'd look for a career in the theatre or in politics or journalism. I'd still be in a good relationship and will have hopefully travelled to a couple of places.
  13. It would be. Besides if they couldn't find a replacement Sergio Romero just signed a five-year contract extention. He wants De Gea to stay which is odd as surely you'd want to be the first-choice having only featured six times in two years. I wonder why he doesn't want it to happen..? Clearly just in it for the money or at least it would seem that way.
  14. Apparently Stoke are lining up Ashley Young as their replacement for Arnautović. I see they're resorting to signing bellends. Jack Wilshire is next.
  15. I thought Allardyce was retiring and that's why he chose to leave Palace? Obviously not. Chinese Super League? Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Indonesia? Wouldn't surprise me.
  16. You could have said the same for QPR when they came up. Cesar, M'Bia, Rémy, Granero and Ji-Sung Park? Quality, Cesar was one of the greatest goalkeepers around at the time and I remember it shocking me every time I read it. They still put Robert Green in goal but still. QPR shouldn't have been relegated but in reality they just didn't work together.
  17. Cure

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    Stolen of course.
  18. Cure

    Most Likely To...

    @Tanksie Most likely to get a restraining order from you?
  19. Cure

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    You can be my chauffeur. I'll tip you in Croatian kuna. Well done. Don't kill anyone.
  20. Cure

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    From my mafia users out there and to break out of that... It has come to my attention that Cannabis's character surname, Esposa-Quente, returns a lot of porn videos if you put it into a search engine. I thank the person who pointed that out to me. Whilst it is very tongue-in-cheek, ironically perhaps in a literal manner if you'll pardon the dirty pun, I didn't exact a long list of options.
  21. Cure

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    If I become a figure of significance I wonder if they'll replace me with a woman... You know it just really irritates me. There are so many people in this world who think they're God's gift or that they're always right, too many in fact.
  22. Cure

    Off Topic

    Scrolling through Twitter it's increasingly clear that there are now calls for a female Sherlock Holmes and a female Bond. Some women have said they won't stop ranting about it until it happens.
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