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Found 10 results

  1. A thread to talk about all the wrong's done by VAR in the Premier League this season, i will start with the last two City games ..i have to hold my hand up and say i was all for VAR ..correct score's i thought, no more offside goal's, no more diving etc etc ..great! ..but the reality is very different using the last two City games as an example Last week Sterling was ruled offside for at worse being level and yesterday VAR should of called a clear penalty in the first half missed by the ref and then at the end of the game we had this VAR call hand ball Laporte and goal ruled out, you can see it was shoulder Laporte and handball Spurs player ..VAR staff have all the images to get the call's right but somehow over the two City games the VAR staff have got it very wrong!
  2. JoshBRFC


    I know we have a couple of fans on here?? I'm going to Manchester a week on Thursday for the Premier League, and i'm just a bit excited It's such a good piss up and a laugh! Barney vs MVG main event!
  3. I'm starting a thread to track how the 17 teams that were in the Premier League last season are faring compared to their results in the same games the previous season. This is often interesting later in the season as an indicator as to how teams have improved compared to the previous year. I could substitute the three promoted teams for last year's three relegated teams but it's a pointless exercise as they are completely different sides. Therefore, Aston Villa, Sheffield United and Norwich won't be on the list and matches against those sides will count as 0 points difference regardless of the result. I will try and update each week and point out the movers and shakers. Team : Points Differential Manchester United : +3 Burnley: +2 Everton : +2 Brighton : +1 Tottenham : +1 West Ham : +1 Arsenal : 0 Bournemouth : 0 Chelsea : 0 Crystal Palace : 0 Liverpool : 0 Newcastle : 0 Southampton : -1 Wolves : -1 Manchester City : -2 Leicester : -4 Watford: -4 Notable stuff so far: - Bournemouth have played two promoted sides so far so nothing to compare. - Manchester United are the most improved side, turning last season's draw with Chelsea into a win, and last season's defeat at Wolves into a draw. - Despite very acceptable draws with Wolves and at Chelsea, Leicester are down 4 points on last season already, having won both of these fixtures last term. - Watford have had a poor start, losing at home to Brighton where they won last season. They were also able to secure a point away at Everton last season but were defeated this weekend.
  4. Plus 9 subs. So one player from each of the 20 clubs. I just saw a Ligue 1 version on twitter and thought it could be interesting to do here.
  5. Who would you put in yours, if you had 10 players to put in from the start?
  6. I’m impressed by Saints who looked almost dead and buried against Leicester, now look like they could be set for a fairly solid mid table finish
  7. As part of my dissertation at University, I need participants to fill out a very short questionnaire form. The questionnaire is based on The English Premier League with some questions about European Football. I would be highly grateful if I could have some people fill out the questionnaire; it won't take longer than 5 minutes off your time. All information will be used just for the purpose of my research and will not be shown or publicised anywhere. Thank you.
  8. Hi I am a university student at Bangor University. I am conducting an investigation on, the variety of forces that impact English youth players and why they aren’t making a name for themselves in the Peemier League? It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me, and fill in my questionnaire (part A & B) it takes 3 minutes and privacy is protected. Thanks Part A https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/YFZLP2P Part B https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/YGKVFD3 regards Chris
  9. Hello, I'm collecting data for my uni dissertation to understand why fans stream football rather than watch on TV. And if you don't stream, I want to know why not! Sky and BT prices are through the roof and for a student, unofficial streaming is much more convenient. What do you think? If you could, please fill in the survey below. Thank you in advance for your help! https://leedsbeckettsport.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3pyE3V9A5PENv9P
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