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Found 2 results

  1. A thread to talk about all the wrong's done by VAR in the Premier League this season, i will start with the last two City games ..i have to hold my hand up and say i was all for VAR ..correct score's i thought, no more offside goal's, no more diving etc etc ..great! ..but the reality is very different using the last two City games as an example Last week Sterling was ruled offside for at worse being level and yesterday VAR should of called a clear penalty in the first half missed by the ref and then at the end of the game we had this VAR call hand ball Laporte and goal ruled out, you can see it was shoulder Laporte and handball Spurs player ..VAR staff have all the images to get the call's right but somehow over the two City games the VAR staff have got it very wrong!
  2. JoshBRFC


    I know we have a couple of fans on here?? I'm going to Manchester a week on Thursday for the Premier League, and i'm just a bit excited It's such a good piss up and a laugh! Barney vs MVG main event!
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