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Changelog for everything going on in the backend for those of you who are interested.

5/3/17 -

  • hello@talkfootball365.com email set up as account confirmation emails had been going into people's spam folders.
  • All members having spam issues have now been approved.
  • 5 minute restriction on editing posts after posting has been removed and can be edited anytime.
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  • Team supported added to profile on left hand side.
  • Team supported upgraded to logo. English teams only at the moment. More will be added. Anyone who has previously written in the Supports field will need to reselect from the new dropdown.
  • Ability to add own custom member title now available.
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  • People can now register for the forum via Facebook and Google
  • A few slight edits to the forum skin.
  • Forum icon images added for the major leagues.
  • Favicon added
  • Sharing images added that should now show the TF365 when sharing the URL externally.
  • Android and iOS image updated for when people save the forum to the homepage of their phone.
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  • Forum layout adjusted to be more inviting. Previously very British orientated.
  • Ligue 1 and MLS forums added.
  • 10 minute grace period added to hide Edited by line.
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football forum
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