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Now of Sheffield United.

Just been reading through his retrial, what a load of bollocks that was. The complainant WHOSE NAME WONT BE MENTIONED ON HERE AS IT IS AGAINST THE LAW, had two sexual partners testify that she has used the terms "fuck me harder" and "go harder" which was used to suggest that Evans was telling the truth when he had said she said something similar.

Both those two witnesses and a third man who was at the hotel reception failed to give meaningful evidence at the first trial, had all given this "new" evidence after Evans' legal team interviewed them privately afterwards. The man at the hotel reception was also offered £50k to come forward with "new" evidence, as was anybody who could come forward with "new" evidence.

The jury were not allowed to be made aware that this was how the man at the reception was contacted to give his "new" evidence.

You're not allowed to bring up the complainants sexual past during a rape case as it is used to discredit them even though it has nothing to do with the rape. However the defence were allowed to in this case by using a legal loophole.

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