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Week 27 Table

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Hi all

This is a continuation of the Prediction League that was on TFF. The weekend just gone was the last set of predictions made and the table is below (some of you have already made the transition on to this site so your scores have been updated as normal).

I've sent PMs to those who have not signed up here yet and let them know the prediction league will be continuing here from now on.

Table below follows on from Monday night's result (tonight's game between Man City and Stoke has not been included). Week 28 will begin from this weekend and a thread to make those predictions will continue shortly.


Positions 14th and below have not predicted in a while and they will be cut from the table. Consequently, and in the spirit of keeping the fun and competition alive, anyone who's new to the site will continue from the lowest active position as well (so beginning from this weekend they will begin on 303 points, joint 13th).

Any questions, let me know!

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