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SFA Looking at Leaving Hampden

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Forgetting the whole whether they should move to Murrayfield etc. But they should take this as a chance to break and begin playing Scotland matches at various venues and not just at Hampden. The same could also be said for Semi-Final matches, there was no need for Aberdeen vs Morton last year to be at Hampden when it could have been at a more suitable venue.

Hampden, for the most part, is a pretty terrible place to watch football. The views from behind the goals are so far away from the pitch, the same can also be said for Murrayfield. The atmosphere, the England game aside, is pretty awful as well. You could move the qualifiers to various grounds around the country, like they did in the 90s and most major countries seem to, and pick venues suitable for games against Malta and Gibraltar where crowds are generally smaller. This is also something that England could really look at doing again, I've no doubt there is apathy towards their national team from being 'London-Centric'.

With Celtic Park and Ibrox, you'd still have large enough stadiums for big Scotland matches and they are much better setups for football. Hampden would still be needed for Cup Finals and Rangers vs Celtic Semi-Finals but something needs to change rather than having a largely empty Hampden for qualifying games and other Semi-Finals.

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