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Andy Polo signs for Portland Timbers

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Well... likely, not confirmed that he has arrived yet but Monarcas have confirmed he has been transfered to another club and given the rumours, I'm betting its Portland

If I'm honest, I don't really rate Andy Polo. He's not only a poor mans Carrillo, but he is lazier and doesn't like to drive forward on a consistent basis. He spends a lot of the the time making backpasses. Like Carrillo, he has talent but he doesn't have the confidence and is very inconsistent.

I didn't like him at Universitario and it took a few months for Morelia to bench him. 

That said, I do believe he will do well in the MLS but I don't expect consistency.

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1 hour ago, Eco said:

Is this their attempt at replacing Ngagbe who moved to Atlanta United?

I think so - in my podcast we were discussing it and my co-host is a big follower of the MLS. Said this was Nagbe's replacement. Can't tell you if its an upgrade or a downgrade though. Saying that I'm not Polo's biggest fan.

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