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Players Recieving 'Brutal' Homophobic Abuse

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layers are receiving "brutal" homophobic abuse from supporters at matches, says Crystal Palace defender Damien Delaney.

Discussing discrimination experienced on matchdays, the Irishman said he felt examples of racism in stadiums appeared to be falling whereas hearing homophobic language is becoming more common.

"I'm not saying racism doesn't happen anymore, but it's very rare that you hear racism from the crowd," said the 36-year-old, whose Palace side face Liverpool on Saturday, live on Sky Sports.

"Homophobic stuff is pretty brutal. That seems to be the new thing.

"As a player on the pitch, some of the obscenities that get yelled at you, to me, it is what it is. Some of it's homophobic. Some of it's about your family. Some of it's gruesome stuff.

"It's become acceptable now to yell obscenities and just give players grief," added Delaney, who was speaking at an event by Crystal Palace and Fans For Diversity, which is a campaign run in partnership between Kick It Out and the Football Supporters' Federation.

Kick It Out last month revealed a "significant" 59 percent rise in reported incidents of discrimination within football - over 300 reports relating to 282 incidents of discriminatory abuse, through to the end of 2017.

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