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European Prediction League - Rules and Guidelines

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European Prediction League

Welcome to the first Prediction league of its kind, where every week participants will be given 10 games from around Europe (outside of England and Germany), to predict. Since this will include some of the major leagues around Europe, the breakdown will roughly look like this:

2 – Serie A Matches

2 – La Liga Matches

2 – Ligue 1 Matches

4 – Matches from any of the following country’s domestic league –

              Scotland, Netherlands, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, or any of the above mentioned leagues if they have numerous major matches.

As with all Prediction Leagues, all picks are locked at the start of the first match, any changes afterwards will result in a forfeit of the week. 


Points Break Down

5 Points – Correct winner (or draw) and score line

3 Points - Correct winner (or draw) and correct goal differential

1 Point – Correct Winner


Tie- Breaker

Before the start of the 2018/19 Season, I will select a league and separate the teams in that league into 4 tiers based on projected finish. Each member will select 1 team from each group, and at the end of the year, IF THERE is a tie, the deciding factor will be whichever participant’s teams gathered the most points. IF there still remains a tie at the end, the line of succession in determining is as follows:

1. Most Weeks participating

2. Most Perfect Scores through year

3. Most perfect scores within a given week

4. Alphabetical

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