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Sean Scannell Joins Bradford

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I remember this small athletic feminine looking thing in November 2008 be thrown in to our first team by Neil Warnock and the injection of pace and belief that came with it was mesmerising. I was certain himself and Victor Moses were going to be top four players.

The following season him and Victor were never played at the same time due to them being rather light weight. When Victor left I was hopeing he would emerge as a real asset. He was always very well liked by the fans but he never really stepped up to be the incredible footballer we were hopeing he would become.

2011/12 was the season I thought he was going to make it. He was being pushed as a forward, he had ended the season before very well, we were heading in the right direction and everything seemed set. After games those he was reverted back out wide. He never disappointed but he also never excelled.

I was fuming when we sold him for £300,000 to Huddersfield. I thought they'd picked up a bargain because of the flashes of a top player we saw. However I'm now inclined to believe he was sold for reasons that possible extend beyond the football pitch. When he came back he was this chunky mess diving all over the place. Huddersfield have never really warmed to him and he didn't make people notice him at Burton. Even AFC Wimbledon turned down the opportunity to sign him. I'm quite surprised a big club like Bradford have signed him as I expected him to have a Tom Soares spiral now.

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