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Karim Benzema Denies Kidnapping Agent

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Karim Benzema has denied an accusation he was involved in the alleged attempted kidnapping of his former agent.

French news site Mediapart reported Leo D'Souza, who described himself as an agent of the Real Madrid player, filed a lawsuit on October 8, claiming he was the victim of an attempted kidnapping.

The incident is said to have taken place in Paris after the French Ligue 1 game between Paris Saint Germain and Lyon, after a dispute developed over £44,000 which was agreed to be paid to Benzema by a sponsor for a trip to Morocco in the summer.

D'Souza, 33, says a black van pulled up beside him and a man he recognised as a close friend of Benzema ordered him to get in, where he said he believed he saw "the silhouette of Karim Benzema" in the back of the vehicle. After he refused, he was punched, he said, before bystanders from the bar got involved.

Lawyers for former French international Benzema, however, described the claims as "grotesque".

Benzema responded on Thursday, to strongly deny the story.

"A relative of Benzema touches De Souza's arm, it is an abduction," he said on Twitter.

"De Souza is beaten up, but he has no days signed off work. De Souza says that Benzema was in the van, an idea dismissed by the investigators.

"Is this world serious? #Ithastostop #Givemeabreak #toomuch".

The story indicates an investigation has begun into the allegations made by D'Souza.

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