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Serie C: Arezzo President attacked

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Serie C: Arezzo President attacked

There was a shocking incident ahead of the Serie C promotion play-off when Arezzo President Giorgio La Cava was knocked out, apparently by Viterbese fans.

La Cava had just saluted the travelling supporters in the stands ahead of the game when he was reportedly insulted by both home fans and stewards working at the stadium.

As he walked into the tunnel, someone punched the Arezzo President in the back of the head, causing him to briefly lose consciousness.

The tension in the stadium escalated with Arezzo fans threatening retaliation, so police urged director of sport Ermanno Pieroni and vice-president Massimo Anselmi to speak to his supporters both in person in the stadium and via Facebook at half-time.

“The President is fine, let’s stay calm and focus only on supporting the team. Let us not fall into the trap of provocation. The second half we’re about to play represents a year of sacrifices for us. We can’t play into the hands of our opponents.”

Arezzo won the game 2-0, having already won the first leg 3-0 at home.

They qualify for the second round of the play-offs along with Catania, Imolese, Triestina, Feralpisalo, Trapani, Piacenza and Pisa.


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