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International Team Tiers

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football forum

Rank the international sides in a format that has become a fad in recent times.

Base the teams you choose on the past international tournaments. So for example if I miss some it's because I was looking at the rankings to remind me as well as the last few tournaments and certain teams performancesa. (World Cup, Gold Cup, Copa America, Nations League, AFCON).


S tier - the best of the best

A tier - World class but not quite the best of the best

B tier - teams that can battle it out against anyone and give the best of the best good games

C tier - decent teams that can fight but that's it

D tier - teams that really are not very good


I'll start

S tier - Brazil, France, Germany

A tier - Belgium, England, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Portugal, Netherlands

B tier - Argentina, Peru, Croatia, Italy, Mexico, Sweden

C tier - Japan, Chile, USA, Venezuela, Paraguay, Denmark

D tier - Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama

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What kind of alphabet do they use in Peru?!

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