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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for the list of all crowdfunding platforms for sports clubs' project but couldn't find anything like this... So I realized to the best idea is to ask you, the global football community! :-)

As mentioned above, I'm wondering is there a special crowdfunding platform for sports clubs in your country? What are the name of it? You can also include some example of successful projects which were conducted there. In can be presented in this way:

Your country - Name of the website - football clubs which used them to collect money

I'll be the first:

Poland - fans4club.com - Wisla Krakow, Pogon Szczecin

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Kaiserslautern was successfully crowdfunded by the fans in 2017 through the leetchi.com platform as they raised over 16000 Euro. https://www.leetchi.com/c/projekt-von-1-fc-kaiserslautern-e-v . This year another similar action was taken by the club but this time it was crowdlending instead of crowdfunding so it's a bit different. They ran it through Kapilendo and raised over 1 million Euro. https://kapilen.do/fck-unterstuetzung . Those websites are not dedicated to sports clubs only though; they are for everyone (similar to the gofundme and the likes).

In GermanyFairplaid is probably what you're looking for as it's dedicated for sports clubs (https://www.fairplaid.org). Plenty of clubs (from lower leagues) are using it for their crowdfunding initiatives.

Good luck with your research.

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