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Scottish Premiership Playoffs

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With the end of the Championship this weekend, the SPFL have announced the dates for the playoffs.

It'll be the fourth season of them with only Hamilton the only Championship club to be promoted through them with huge wins for the Premiership teams in the other two years.

Morton are assured of 4th place, leaving Falkirk and Dundee United to fight over 2nd and 3rd.

In the Premiership, still any of the bottom six could finish in the playoff spot. Although Inverness look adrift at the bottom and Kilmarnock now looking assured in 7th.

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I'm personally hoping for a swift Dundee United return. With the demise of Inverness, we need more teams in the Premiership close to Aberdeen...

Dundee United actually play Morton this weekend needing a win for any chance at finishing second and getting the bye to the Semi-Final stage.

Morton could almost rest and then be in a stronger position for whoever they'd play in the first round.

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First leg of the Playoff Final tonight between Dundee United and Hamilton.

Not entirely sure what to expect after Hamilton's fantastic last game. I still hope United will win through in the end.

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