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UEFA Nations League 2022-23

Regular matches between 2nd June and 27th September, 2022

Finals take place between 14-18th June 2023


  1. UEFA Nations League - League A

    Group A1 - France, Denmark, Croatia, Austria
    Group A2 - Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic
    Group A3 - Italy, Germany, England, Hungary
    Group A4 - Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Wales

  2. UEFA Nations League - League B

    Group B1 - Ukraine, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Armenia
    Group B2 - Iceland, Israel, Albania, Russia*
    Group B3 - Bosnia, Finland, Romania, Montenegro
    Group B4 - Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia

    *Russia suspended and will be automatically relegated to League C

  3. UEFA Nations League - League C

    Group C1 - Turkey, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Faroe Islands
    Group C2 - Northern Ireland, Greece, Kosovo, Cyprus
    Group C3 - Slovakia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan
    Group C4 - Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar

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  4. UEFA Nations League - League D

    Group D1 - Liechtenstein, Moldvoa, Andorra, Latvia
    Group D2 - Malta, Estonia, San Marino  

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  5. UEFA Nations League - Finals

    Teams - Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Croatia

    Finals scheduled to take place 14-18th June, 2023.


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